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Eating High Cholesterol Foods And Staying Healthy Too!

Posted Mar 26 2010 10:01pm
“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are,” said the French philosopher. Two hundred years later, doctors agree. If you eat unhealthy, you end up unhealthy. Here we focus on just one of many dietary villains: cholesterol, and his sidekick, triglycerides. If you want to steer clear of heart and artery disease, then you must understand the unhealthy nexus between the cholesterol- (and triglyceride-) laden food you consume and cardio-vascular disease. This understanding is crucial to making an informed decision about your choice of food, because that’s going to affect your health and your life.

What is the actual effect of cholesterol? High levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream cause a number of cardio-vascular diseases including artery blockage, strokes, coronary disease and heart attacks. The kicker is the fatal influence of many modern day lifestyle-related vices: smoking, drinking, hypertension, and obesity. Some unfortunate people have the added burden of a hereditary weakness which makes them naturally prone to any or all of the above diseases.

When we speak of ‘cholesterol’ we are talking about three categories of cholesterol: good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. This means that not all cholesterol is bad. Foods rich in Omega-3 fats like fish are helpful in reducing LDL levels and are advised for patients suffering from cholesterol-caused diseases.

A further twist in this tale is that, more often than not, we wrongly blame specific foods for high levels of bad cholesterol. The cooking method, the medium used for cooking, and the other foods that we consume along with the specific food contribute significantly to aggravated cholesterol levels. As an example, eggs were standard breakfast fare once. Then they were declared ‘Bad!’ because they contained cholesterol. Further research has shown that we should avoid the yolk of the egg and not the white! So now we’re seeing eggs dished up with most of the yolk removed.

Some specific foods do have significant cholesterol content. Unfortunately, these specific foods are less to blame for high cholesterol levels than the other foods that we usually have with the specific food. Again, let’s take eggs as an example. The single egg or maybe two that you have doesn’t do the damage as much as that side helping of bacon, cheese, and sausages, not to mention the slices of bread generously coated with butter! So it is healthier to pay attention to the way the food is cooked and what other things you have with the specific food, than to exclude specific food items.

Avoid foods, even cholesterol-safe ones that are deep fried. The oil or margarine that’s used to fry or cook the food will do you more harm than the food being cooked. Deep fried foods and animal products. These two should be avoided to stay healthy and free from cardio-vascular disease. Dairy products and poultry products come under animal products and must be avoided.

Even if you only select those items that are low in bad cholesterol, you may still end up with choked arteries if you are not watchful about the saturated fats that you take in. This is because a high intake of saturated fats triggers a sharp increase of LDL levels as well as triglycerides.

The key to good health it appears is to moderate the dietary intake of high cholesterol foods and saturated fats. So choose poached eggs over that egg omelet, and grilled chicken over fried chicken, and a fresh salad over French fries! That’s the way to a healthy heart and a healthy life!

To find out additional information about eating low cholesterol food go to, a popular website devoted to helping you live a heart healthy life. Also find out how a cholesterol monitor can help you maintain your levels where they need to be.

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