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Eating Healthy is Keeping You Fat

Posted Oct 22 2012 12:41pm

How many times have you looked at an item in the grocery store and saw the words “Low Fat,” “sugar free,” “100 calorie snack” or “natural” and thought “Yeah! I’m eating healthy.”? Well you thought wrong!

The Truth Behind the Label

Just because a package says all that doesn’t mean that the food inside is actually good for you, healthy for you or even food at all. For example, on a cereal box I recently read, it said that the blueberries were a “food product” and not even real blueberries! Now I’m not saying the labels that say those things mentioned above are wrong, but they are, shall we say…suspect.

But why would a company give you half-truths? Because they want your money!

In recent years, eating healthy has become the driving factor in consumer food shopping. With so many Baby Boomers turning 60 everyday, finding ways to extend life has really become a national obsession. Eating healthy will not only extend your life, but add life to your years. Who wouldn’t want that?

But, you can’t just fall for anything that’s put in front of you as authentic and “good for you.”

Advertisers want your money. In fact, they compete like crazy to get in front of you when you are most likely to buy their products, when you’re food shopping. It’s not enough to simply create healthy product, you have to sell it in order to make a profit.

It’s All About the Profit

P-R-O-F-I-T. That’s what drives this “healthy eating” frenzy. Manufacturers have to entice you to purchase. They do this by using just the right colors and wording that play with your mind and make you WANT to buy their products. They spend millions, sometimes billions, on research alone. The research tells them exactly what to do to get you to BUY what they are selling; that might mean that you don’t examine it too much, just kinda, take their word for it.

Is it Really Healthy?

The only way that you will really know if a product is as health conscious as it claims is to read the ingredients label on the back of the package. Sometimes what the label says on the front and what the ingredient label says on the back don’t quite match up. You could wind up eating something that really isn’t as healthy as you first thought.

Too Much is TOO MUCH

Another reason eating healthy is keeping you fat is that people tend to think that if something is lower in calories, fat or sugar, they can eat MORE of it. Why is that? You’re only fooling yourself if you think that eating more of something that claims it has less is going to help you get healthy. That’s really just shifting your own responsibility for self-control and self-government onto manufacturers and advertisers. Dangerous! It isn’t their job to keep you healthy, it’s their job to make money and believe me they take their jobs VERY SERIOUSLY!

How to Eat Healthy, for Real

Now that you know how you’re being fooled, I want to show you how to eat healthy, for real.

  1. Read every label of every product you ever put into your mouth
  2. Learn what the words mean in the label ingredients list
  3. Eat more foods that don’t have labels like fresh fruits and vegetables
  4. Accept responsibility for the foods that you eat and know how these foods affect your body

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