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Eating Healthy, Creatively: Fried Rice!

Posted Jun 01 2010 5:41pm

Its time for FitPoint Again! This week’s topic:

Eating Healthy, Creatively: This week, FitPoints wants you to eat healthy! But that doesn’t mean the bland, boring food associated with diet; no, this is time to get creative! We’re asking you to share your absolute favourite healthy cooked recipe – so make our mouths water, guilt free!

I have decided that for this, I will post my recipe for spicy fried rice. Its not quite like the fried rice you get with Chinese food, bear with me. Not only is this a great, full healthy meal, but it is also a fantastic way to deal with leftovers! I usually make this if I’ve had something with chicken and rice the night before – in fact, I often purposefully make too much, so there is enough to make this!


Note: I like my food hot. Very hot. If this is too much heat for you, feel free to sub out some of the spicy ingredients. It will be just as good!

  • Brown rice, steamed
  • Chicken breasts, grilled. (~1 /person)
  • Hot peppers: I use banana peppers as a staple but you can also add serrano, jalepeno,peri peri or  habenaros
  • 1/2- 1 whole white onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Optional marinade: Tobasco sauce, lemon Juice, and srichacha hot sauce – to desired taste and consistency.


1.If you are not using leftovers, steam your rice and grill your chicken. If you are looking for for a spicier chicken, the optional marinade can be added to the chicken while it is being grilled (a squirt of srichacha, a few shakes tobasco and a touch of lemon juice to desired taste and consistancy).

2. In your frying pan (or electric frying pan as pictured above), heat 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, ensuring the surface of the pan is coated. Once warmed, add rice.

3. Dice your onion and hot peppers; slice/shred your chicken breasts. Add to rice.

4. Cook, stirring intermittently, until rice is ‘hard’; it will take on a browned color.

5. Enjoy!

I usually add a bit of pepper to mine, but no extra salt. (Poor Salty!) And if you can afford the condiments, a little bit of ketchup is the perfect addition. Delicious!

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