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Eat, Workout, Eat, Workout, Eat

Posted Jun 13 2011 11:19pm
Today's was a great day on Kelly Drive.  Not too hot, not rainy.

I started off the brick workout with a bike ride around the the Kelly Drive West River Loop which is 8.5 miles.  I finished the bike in about 47 minutes, and I decided that I definitely need to upgrade my pedals to clip ins.  My bike isn't a  state of the art road bike, but I think it switching the pedals would make the ride easier and faster.  

After the bike ride, I enjoyed some water in the car and tried to rub the helmet marks off my forehead before venturing out on my run.  It was more of a run/walk actually...3 miles 40 minutes.  Heavy legs and since I haven't been running a lot the last 6 weeks I didn't want to push it too hard. 
Helmet marks

pooped out

After Kelly, I headed home for some lunch.  Leftover BBQ shredded chicken on an Arnold's multi grain sandwich thin and a granny smith apple.  I love granny smith apples and I always forget how amazing they are until I am eating one.  No wonder Eve told Adam to try that apple....

After lunch, I headed downtown to sweat fitness and had a swimming lesson.  I was pretty spent from the morning workout, but I was glad to get some swimming in since I have an open water swim clinic this Saturday.  
100 meter warm up200 meter swim (4 minute pace )(1:30 minute rest)200 meter swim (4 minute pace )(1:30 minute rest)200 meter swim (4 minute pace )(1:30 minute rest)200 meter swim (4 minute pace )(1:30 minute rest)50 meter cool down
For dinner, Joe and I went to a restaurant we had been waiting to try for a while now called Distrito.  It is only a few blocks from my place, and it has gotten some really good reviews.  It is a small tapas modern Mexican restaurant.  The food was delish...we kind of played it safe with tacos, chips, and an enchilada but I haven't tried that much Mexican food so I wanted to make sure I liked everything.  I am definitely interesting in trying some more authentic Mexican cuisine in the future. 

Spicy Peanuts

Chicken Tacos

Shrimp Tacos

Chicken Enchilada

We checked out the dessert menu but nothing seemed to jump out at us.  After a lot of deliberation...we decided on donuts!  My major sweet tooth took us to Dunkin where we got some great desserts.  

Note the calories under the donut names...way to go dunkin!

So there was my day!  Eat, workout, eat, workout, more.  Anyone else have days when it seems like that is all you do?
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