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Eat Several Meals a Day to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:41pm

If you have spent much time reading about proper diet and nutrition you should know that three square meals a day simple will not help you reach your fat loss goals. You need to eat small frequent meals instead of three large ones. Eating a small meal every three hours is ideal for maintaining energy levels and preventing overeating.

When you eat a large meal your insulin is spiked and this results in fat storage plus a decrease in energy levels until your blood sugar levels. Do not eat big meals if you are trying to lose weight! Eating a small meal will satisfy your hunger without causing fat storage. Think of your energy consumption being in balance with energy expenditure. If you have been sitting at your computer for three hours and you get hungry, should you eat a large meal or a small one? It is common sense, yet people constantly eat a fast food meal of a burger or sandwich, chips or fries, plus a soda. This is about 1000-2000 calories of nutrient deficient food that you have not earned the right to eat! You are simply making yourself fat. In this case you would be much wiser to eat a light snack of nuts and fruit. Enough to kill your hunger, but not enough to really fill you up.

When people eat three meals in a day, they tend to start with a light breakfast (if any), then eat a solid lunch such as the fast food one listed about, then finish with a gigantic dinner because they are super hungry! This is a recipe for fat gain, you are slowing down your metabolism by starving through the day, then eating a giant meal that is stored as fat. Eating in this manner will also decrease energy levels and make training almost impossible. You simply will not feel energetic enough to go!

Here is a better way. Eat a solid breakfast filled with protein and vegetables or fruit. Omelette's are a great choice! Three hours later consume a light snack of nuts or cheese and fruit. Three hours later is lunch time, eat left overs from dinner. Preferably lean meat and vegetables and avoid pasta or breads. If you haven't exercised within the last few hours, do not eat carbohydrate rich foods. Between lunch and dinner people often get a craving. This is due to low calorie consumption during the day and poor nutrition. The same snack as in the morning will suffice, nuts or cheese and fruit. For dinner it is really simple. Make it yourself, nothing processed, and it should consist of a lean meat, plenty of greens, and if you exercised after work, high quality complex carbohydrate such as whole wheat and flax pasta. If you are overweight, avoid the carbs for now and eat more veggies and protein to fill you up.

Here is a healthy eating plan simplified:

  • Breakfast: Omelet with veggies

  • Snack: nuts, fruit, cheese

  • Lunch: left overs from dinner (meat and veggies)

  • Snack: buts, fruit, cheese

  • Dinner: Lean meat and veggies (steak and salad for example)

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day. Never drink calories that contain calories because they will make you fat! And no, juice is not healthy!

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