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Eat More Protein To Help Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Posted Nov 14 2008 7:04am
Two quick notes about eating protein to help you in your fat loss program:

1) eat protein with every meal and

2) eat about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day.

It takes your body longer to digest protein, so you will fill fuller for a longer period of time by eating more foods rich in protein (this should help you eat fewer calories during the day). Protein is also used by your body to repair and rebuild damaged tissues as a result of a tough workout (especially weight training). Quickly digesting protein shakes work well after a workout. Other daytime and nighttime meals could be comprised of slowly digesting protein (such as lean meats) that will give a constant release of amino acids into your system during the day and overnight. So, when used right, protein will help you build a lean body and help your weight loss/fat loss efforts.

Good sources of protein are:

--Fish, lean chicken (skinless), lean beef

--Low-fat dairy: milk, cheeses, yogurts; eggs

--Beans, peas, lentils

--Soy protein foods

--Seeds, nuts, natural nut butters

Pack more protein into your healthy, balanced diet! Your body will thank you!

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