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Ease Back Pain and Flatten Your Tummy by Strengthening Your Core

Posted Jan 05 2013 2:08pm

Ease Back Pain and Flatten Your Tummy by Strengthening Your Core A great number of people suffer from low back pain on a daily basis, but it can be prevented and even stopped by following some simple strategies. In addition, with the New Year upon us, you can’t go anywhere or read anything without some mention of weight loss and keeping that resolution to get in shape. This too can be accomplished by following the same simple strategies that I am going to share with you.

I guess you can actually call it killing 2 birds with one stone, although that sounds so violent doesn’t it? But let’s look at it for what it is—just a saying. However, in this case you really can accomplish more by doing less.

The answer to your problem (both of them) is to strengthen your core. There are really just three simple strategies that you need to put in place to make sure that you create and maintain a strong core.

The main reason that you want a strong core is because if your core is weak, your whole body is weak. Your core is considered the “internal girdle” that helps to protect your vital organs. Your core muscles consist of the upper and lower abdominals, side obliques and the muscles of the lower back, the Erector Spinae. Together, these muscles create the girdle that helps you to stand up straight, pull objects towards your body, lift objects and twist and turn. If they are weak, you will look like the little ole lady that can barely get around…you know what I’m talking about!

So to prevent looking and feeling older than you really are, you need to implement these 3 strategies right away.

1. Eat Breakfast

You may ask what eating breakfast has to do with flattening your tummy, but you’d be surprised how much havoc NOT eating it does to your body.

Look at breakfast as the reward you give to yourself AND your body (and brain) for allowing you to sleep through the night while it does all that work repairing your cells, tissue and muscles. If your body could talk to you, it would surely tell you that it’s hungry and needs fortification after a hard night’s work.

However, if you choose to ignore it’s pleas for food, it will most certainly hatch a different plan for survival by going into starvation mode and closely monitoring all functions as to decrease energy output. So not only does it intentionally slow down your fat burning engine or metabolism, it also makes the executive decision to hold on to ANY food that you eat when you finally do feed and stores it as fat.

Eating breakfast not only keeps your body running like a well-oiled, fat-burning machine, it keeps you from eating more than you should the rest of the day, helps you to stay sharp, focused and on task and most importantly prevents your body from becoming a fat-storing machine.

2. Exercise Regularly

All the crunches in the world won’t give you a flat tummy, if you have a layer of fat resting on top of those abdominal muscles. Yes, crunches will help you form great ab muscles, but no one will see them below that layer of extra fat.

Sorry, but I just had to put that out there, because I KNOW you were thinking “crunches” when you read exercise.

The exercises that I am referring to are the ones that engage more than just your abs. Your body can’t or won’t spot reduce. It takes excess fat from WHEREVER it feels is necessary; so the best way to get rid of abdominal fat and sculpt those abs is to engage the muscles throughout your entire body.

Toned, sculpted muscles burn fat. For each pound of muscle you add to your frame, you will burn 50 extra calories per day. So if you add just 10 pounds of muscle, through regular exercise, you will be able to burn up to 500 calories per day.

That’s 3500 calories or 1 WHOLE POUND of FAT per week!

If you think about it, you’re giving that excess fat the ole ONE-TWO punch; eating breakfast to put YOU in control of how much you eat during the day and exercising to burn off excess calories. You’re going to be in great shape in NO TIME!

3. Get Your Mind Right

Weight loss, getting healthy and sticking with it starts in your head. If your mind isn’t set on doing this, I mean really doing it to SUCCESS, it won’t happen.

The best way to get your mind ready for success is to train it to be successful. Just like you train your muscles to be stronger, you can train your brain to be better and think healthier thoughts. The best way to accomplish this is through affirmations.

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, owner of says, “Affirmations refine your focus, help to generate creativity and when combined with a spiritual element, can even help to inspire real blessings. Studies have found that people who constantly bombard themselves with positive words rather than entertaining negative thoughts and words have stronger muscles. Research claims that a person’s muscles become stronger and more active when the subconscious is filled with positive words. The same report indicated that the human muscles tend to become weak when a person thinks and verbalizes that they are tired or cannot do a particular thing. (”

So if you want to relieve back pain—strengthen your core. If you want a flat tummy—strengthen your core. It isn’t hard, it just takes some dedication and time, but you can do it.

I have the perfect tool to help you get your core in shape, I’ve partnered with to create the January Fitness Challenge 2013, “Get to the Core!” The package consists of a wonderful 30 day exercise routine to get your core toned, 30 great recipes for your “core” meal of the day Breakfast, and 30 days of “core” affirmations to remind you to love yourself as you proceed through your journey of total wellness for your mind, body and spirit.

It doesn’t matter when you start just as long as you do… It’s fun, effective and affordable!!!

Download the January Fitness Challenge and get started today! Fitness Challenge – Get Fit and Stay Fit for 2013!

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