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Dust Off Your Running Shoes: 7 Tips to Hit the Pavement Again

Posted May 12 2010 5:21am

Running along the Charles River.

Hello Readers,

Let me start by congratulating Ms. Randi Zinger who won the Self event tickets this past weekend. What a great day, turnout and energy of people. Hope to see some of you there next year. :-)

Well I have officially dusted off my running shoes and went for my first 4-mile run since last November. I had the pleasure of being in Boston two weeks ago on business and so I took a trip around the Charles River. Running around the Charles River gives you trees, park like scenery as well a the best view of the Boston skyline. Taking a run along the water is quite relaxing as well as a calming experience.

I know some of you are looking to make a come back to the good 'ol pavement, so here are a few pointers:

1. Don't go out with an end goal in mind. Just pick a route and make it something scenic - it helps to take your mind off, the running.
2. Take it easy, don't hit the pavement with your last best time in mind. You might set yourself up for disappointment.
3. Avoid a route with lots of hills, they can be taxing on the body and your will power.
4. Take it slow, it may take your body several minutes to comprehend and remember this action. :-)
5. Be sure to stretch afterwards, your muscles will need it and you might want to even pop two Advils.
6. Be sure to drink lots of water after, this will help to flush the lactic acid build up.
7. Don't take a long break between runs. If you can, plan to get back out there in at least 2 days.

Ok people that's it for this week. See you next week!


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