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Drink Pop, Gain Weight

Posted Aug 28 2009 6:32pm

Soda pop has been a hot topic for many years when it comes to women’s nutrition and weight gain.

Since the public is now clearly aware of how much sugar goes into one can of pop people are moving away from the popular beverages to bottled water – which is good but I still think we’re guzzling down way too much pop for our own good.


What about the diet brands?

Oh yes the “diet brands”. It’s true that diet brands provide you with less sugar and less calories. Of course the low calorie, less sugar pops are better for you than the regular ones but you might use this as an excuse to eat a bigger piece of pie or add more calories from other places.

If you’re trying to reduce your calories and make the switch from regular soda pop to diet soda pop then you really have to stay disciplined and not use it as an excuse to indulge in other foods (simple portion control ).

Remember that calories from all those liquids quickly add up. One way you might be gaining weight is from simply drinking too much. You might not realize it at the time because it goes down fairly easy but all those sugary liquids will satisfy your thirst and have NO effect on your hunger.


What does this mean?

Basically.  You’re putting in a bunch of calories in your body from soft drinks and then putting in even more from foods (Big no-no).  A great way to decrease this calorie count is to think of having a soda as a dessert.  Instead of having it with your meal, have it as a dessert after you’ve finished eating.

Now that you’re full you’ll be less likely to chug down a whole can and control your calories a lot more effectively.  Another strategy that you can use is to pour the soft drink into a small glass, You’ll consume less and not have to force yourself to drink everything in the can or bottle.

The bubbly truth

A lot of experts that I’ve talked to agree that you can enjoy a low calorie soft drink guilt free. But you must realize that companies are putting in other additives in new sodas that claim to be “healthy” but in reality are unnecessary and have no value to your health.  I recommend you choose beverages with no artificial ingredients added, like sparkling water sweetened with real fruit juice (refreshing!).

Also remember to consume the most natural foods and drinks, and constantly read the label.  Check the calories first, then the sugar calories.  If you know the facts, you’ll be able to select the drink that’s right for you.

What kind of healthy beverages do you substitute pop with?

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