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Dream On, Drink Up and Walk Around in NYC

Posted Aug 11 2009 9:14am
Dreams help your runs, green tea improves endurance, and New Yorkers are the slimmest in the land.

Sweet Dreams
Many of us dream of running faster, longer or more injury-free. I know I do, especially faster! Although dreams are usually confined to the subconscious land of sleeping, researchers are now finding that dreams can actually affect performance. In fact, some athletes are learning lucid dreaming tricks (where you are aware that you're in a dream and therefore can control your actions within the dream) to help with their race-day performance. How wicked awesome is that? Our brains are sooo cool. I'll definitely be practicing these tips before my next running event!

Dream on.

The Quercetin Quotient
This may be a small study (only 12 subjects), but it's making me feel even more awesome for choosing green tea as my daily wake-up beverage. Researchers believe that quercetin, a compound found in green and black tea, red onions, berries, cabbages and broccoli, can help improve exercise endurance. In the study, those who were given a quercetin supplement had a nearly 4 percent increase in their maximum oxygen uptake and a 13 percent increase in how long they could ride a bike before being too pooped to continue. Researchers think that quercetin supplementation could be helpful for sedentary folks, everyday exercisers and athletes. I'm now off to the store to buy more red apples and berries to accompany my quercetin-filled green tea breakfast.

Quercetin is yummy.

Skinny in the City
It's probably no surprise that Manhattan is the thinnest of the all the places in the United States. Most people on the island don't have a car, so walking to and fro is a must. Plus, as this New York Times article points out, being skinny may be cultural and, in some social circles, the expectation. I live in the Midwest, and I can definitely tell that people are smaller in the Big Apple than in my hometown. It's funny how location can really dictate what's "normal" to you.

The skinny apple.

Have thoughts on dreaming, quercetin or NYC? Let us know in the comments! — Jenn

Photos grabbed fromBetsssssy,Kanko*andveni markovskion Flickr.

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