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Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet – History, Nutrition Info, And Health Risks

Posted Jul 06 2010 1:07am

The History of the Cookie Diet

In 1975, Dr. Siegal came up with a low calorie weight loss plan while exploring different methods of managing hunger for overweight patients attending his medical office in Miami, Florida. During his research for a natural way to suppress hunger, Dr. Siegal created an amino acid blend that he found was capable of prolonging the desire to eat. This formula was part of his original oatmeal raisin cookie that was provided to his patients to consume. 6 cookies a day along with vegetables and a lean meat for suppertime would be all that is required to lose between 12 to 15 pounds during the first month according to Dr. Siegal.

With the success of the cookie diet, Dr. Siegal was able to open more offices and offer his proprietary blend of cookies to other doctors. Over the past thirty years, the diet cookies were not available to the general public. It wasn’t until Dr. Siegal partnered with the popular weight management chain, Smart For Life, that the cookies were made available to the public. The partnership with Smart For Life ended after 4 years and Dr. Siegal would eventually market his product to customers via the internet, telephone, and in stores.

Nutrition Facts

At the time of writing this, there are 5 different flavors available: oatmeal raisin, chocolate, blueberry, banana, and coconut. Each cookie contains 90 calories, 2.5g of fat and 5g of protein. The instructions for the diet are to consume 6 cookies a day which will total 540 calories. They also contain small quantities of iron and calcium. Ingredients include: wheat, flour, milk, eggs, sugar and other ingredients typically found in baked goods. The proprietary amino acid blend remains a secret.

The program also expanded to included diet shakes, sold in: pina colada, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and creme brulee flavors. Shakes include similar ingredients as the cookies and have the same appetite suppressing amino acid blend. Consumers only consume 3 shakes a day. Each shake contains 140 calories, 1 gram of fat, 12 grams of protein and 9 grams of sugar.

Dr. Siegal also released a few books and added other products to the line-up which include water, a multivitamin, and green tea. It is important to note that only the cookies and the shakes contain the hunger suppression amino acids.

Value & Comparison

A one month supply of Siegal Diet Cookies will cost roughly $240. Each box contains seven bags with six cookies in each bag which is good for one week. You would need 4 boxes for a month’s supply. The appetite suppressing shakes cost the same for a month’s supply. And even though the cookie diet is more reasonably priced compared to other programs such as Nutrisystem and Medifast, the monthly cost is still more pricey than some consumers care to spend. After all, $240 can buy a lot of groceries.

Customer Feedback & Health Risk

The online population reported significant weight loss while using the cookie diet. However, medical professionals disagree with any diet that has a nutritional value of 1,000 daily calories or less. Furthermore, medical professionals feel that any program that contains 1,000 calories a day is unhealthy and dangerous. Compound the fact that almost no fruits or vegetables are consumed, and that the diet lacks variety, it is almost inevitable for most to become bored and quit. There are also several key nutritional elements missing which makes this diet very incomplete. Some dieters also criticized the cookie diet due to the difficulty in transitioning from the plan back to normal food.

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