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Dr. Barry Sears & The Zone Diet.

Posted May 06 2009 12:28pm

I know it can be kind of a pain to go back & read old, linked posts.

Who has the time?? I ask myself when bloggers refer back to previous musings.

I wont lie to you. Sometimes I do go back and read & frequently I do not.

Yet I’m going to link two posts here and really encourage you, should you have missed them the first time, to go back.

To skim.

To scan for key words.

Not only will it answer some of your emailed questions (which & Ive not yet gotten around to answering) it will help the Q & A below with Dr. Barry Sears of the Zone Diet make a whole lot more sense.

With that disclaimer:

My AH HA! moment with regards to eating (good) fat & shedding my fat-free fetish.

My first interview with (*bows in awe*) the articulate, intelligent man who is the Sears.

(take your time. we can wait.)

Finished?  Perfect.

Please to enjoy the follow up interview.

The remaining questions you, Oh inquisitive & challenging Bumbling Band, could NOT rest until you had answered:

I drink skim milk which has 8g protein and 12g carbs, so the perfect 2 to 3 ratio.  But it is fat free so there are 0g fat.  Since you state that fat doesn’t have an impact on insulin levels, can I use a glass of skim milk for first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

Answer:  You can, but I would still like to see some added fat.  A great choice would 3 almonds with each glass of skim milk.

What does Dr. Sears think about impact carbs (I’ m thinking with regards to high-protein pasta)? Is that all a bunch of hooey?

Answer:  Another word for impact carbs is insulin-generating carbs.  It’s probably not the impact that you want.  Most high-protein pasta is simply regular pasta with a little extra protein that usually leaches out during the cooking process so that after draining, it has the same hormonal impact as regular pasta.

Are there plans to sell Zone Shakes in stores?

Answer:  No at this time.

I am overwhelmed with all this. What would his suggestion be as the VERY FIRST STEP to getting started??

Answer:  Just understanding that every time you eat there will be hormonal changes.  You just want to remind yourself to try to make those hormonal changes work in your favor.  Once you understand this principle, the regular application of balancing your plate becomes second nature.

I agree that egg whites are great source of lean protein, but what about eating the entire egg? I’ve often heard that having an entire egg or two provides “good fats” and that it’s okay.

Answer:  Egg yolks are very rich in arachidonic acid that is the building block of inflammatory hormones.  Stick with the egg whites.

I would just LOVE for someone in the diet industry to equally address not just the physical impact of the diet, but also the emotional impact.  (ok not really a question :))

Answer:  It is the hormonal response to emotional stress that is the problem.  Emotional stress causes the release of cortisol and that will increase insulin levels in the bloods.  It is the increased insulin that drives down blood sugar and makes you hungry. That’s why you reach for comfort foods during times of emotional stress because that can rapidly replenish blood sugar levels.

Egg yolks cause inflammation, really? Even just one a day? Even omega-3 fortified eggs?

Answer:  As Dirty Harry said, “do you feel lucky?”.  The levels of arachidonic acid (i.e. toxic fat is no different in omega-3 fortified eggs as it is in regular eggs.

“Half the carbs, double the protein and add a good fat” Not sure how on spot this is but it works for me!  Dr. Sears? Is this close?

Answer:  I would try “half the carbs, make the protein the same size as your palm, and add a good fat at every meal.”

If inflammation is “silent”, how do they know it’s there? Is it just theory, or somehow shown to exist?

Answer:  There are blood markers.  High sensitivity C-reactive protein is one, but the ratio of Arachidonic Acid (AA) to Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) is much better.  Both are indicative of  the present of silent inflammation.

There you go, People.

A whole lotta Sears’formation thrown (& re-thrown) at you allatonce.

Tried the Zone Diet since my first post? Have any experiences you wanna share?

Still a doubting Thomas (or Terrie) & have any other follow-up questions you’d love to direct Dr. Sears’ way?

Please to hit us all up in the comments—-you never know who might be reading…

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