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Don't feel like working out? Have some fun with your fitness routine!

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:49pm
Do you have some kettlebells or a home gym or maybe a gym membership but sometimes just don't feel like working out? Well, that means you need a change to liven things up and get your enthusiasm back to where it was when you purchased your fitness investment. The first thing I would recommend when you need to make a change is to forget about your perfectly crafted workout routine. That is right, get rid of the plan, at least for now, and just get a good workout in! More often than not it is the rigid structure people impose on themselves that bores then to death of their training routine. Trust me, I was a competitive powerlifter for years I can probably recite some of my templates by heart even two years after the fact!

OK, so forget about the routine and just do whatever. What do I mean by this, well, just do what you want to do. If you want to go for a bike ride instead of lift weights at the gym, do it! If you want to just pump up your arms and do a beach workout then that's fine too. It is more important to show up than to have a perfect workout every single time.

The second recommendation I have is to go outside for your training session. I know it sounds crazy but exercising outside is not against the laws of civilization. You do not need to hide in a gym or your basement to get fit. Go outside and get a good workout. Some ideas for outdoor training other than the devil's exercise that is jogging (joking here, sort of) are:

  • hill sprints
  • a body weight workout/calisthenics, a bike ride
  • walking with a weighted vest on
  • lifting weights in the back yard
  • outdoor kettlebell session
  • chin-ups and stuff at the local jungle gym/park
  • pushing a car around the block
  • finding a heavy rock and lifting throwing or carrying it
  • taking some weights out and dong farmers and waiter walks
  • sled pulling
  • sandbag lifting/carrying/throwing

As you can see the list goes on. Nothing beats going outside and just playing around with your home gym. When I lived in the suburbs I would often drag my fat dumbbell, a sandbag, and my sled outside and just do a bunch of lifts throws and drags until I got hungry and went in to eat (I weighed about 255 lbs so I got hungry every hour or so). It was fun as hell just training for the fun of it and it can be that way for you too! I swear that training outside in the sun, sweating and panting in the heat makes the workout so much more effective than being in the perfectly cooled gym with no natural light and "light rock" playing the back round to sap out your testosterone it is not even funny.

Another idea to try if you are bored with your workout regime is to create a challenge between friends and test your might against this friend. For example, if you are a weight lifter you could have a mini bench press or squat contest. If you are into MMA or something you could have a wrestling match. At my old gym every now and then we would have a full on powerlifting meet with a ref and everything. Man, after that challenge all you wanted to do was eat and drink beer (like I said I was 255 lbs!!).

Bottom line, even if you are training for a very specific goal, you need to mix in some variety and fun to keep your brain focused on the task at hand. So mix it up every once in a while, your body will thank you for the new exercises you try and you might find something great that you have been missing!

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