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Don’t Fall Down In Fall

Posted Sep 23 2009 10:00pm

fall-leaves This week marks the official start of fall! It makes me sad to wave goodbye to summer, it always flies by too fast and because I don’t particularly love cold weather. But enough about my love for summer, let’s move on!

I don’t know about you but the fall brings to mind… early sunsets, cold mornings, tailgates and oyster roasts, hearty meals of chili and starting to sort through my selection of sweaters and coats. And for a lot of women all of these things could translate into poor exercise motivation.

Who wants to work out after work when the sun is already set, instead of feeling like 5:00 it feels more like 8:00 and all you want to do is go home. Of course with the tailgates you will probably be encircled with chips and dips, chicken wings, and a hodge podge of other bad for you foods (yes beer is bad for you).

But I have some tips to make sure that you don’t fall down this fall and that you stay just as on top of your fitness as you did the week before your big summer vacation!

1. Find a time other than after work to hit the gym. I don’t blame you if you hate going to the gym when it’s pitch black out, I do too! But if you feel you won’t be able to stick with the usual time find one that works. I love working out first thing in the morning, sure I am a big morning person but it also is great to walk in and out with the sun up! Lunch time is great too… remember all you need is 30 minutes to get a great workout in.

2. Tailgate option s… a party of mine is never complete without a veggie tray! I love veggies with hummus dip and everyone has come to expect me to bring it along. Also if you know who ever is hosting the tailgate will not have a healthy main item, bring along something for yourself. I bring skinless boneless chicken breast to throw on my friends’ grills and most of the time they are drooling over my food!

If it’s an oyster roast have no fear… oysters are awesome just stay away from the heavier side items and stick to the above ideas. When it comes to drinks, try to keep it light. Go with light beers, alcohol with light mixers (seltzer, 100% fruit juice, etc) avoid margaritas and other very heavy drinks. And if you just like the feeling of having something in your hand and a way to lighten up on the amount you drink, have a drink and then a cup of water and alternate through the night!

3. Beat the frump. Sure you get to wear heavier, more conservative clothes than the summer but that’s no excuse to not exercise. Sweatshirts and jeans does not mean give up on yourself since no one can see your figure… to keep on yourself take pictures!

Every two weeks grab the camera and take a picture of yourself in the same outfit each week (best to use a bathing suit or sports bra). Two weeks gives enough time to see changes compared to just trying to do one every week.

4. Have a buddy system. Either workout with a friend or at least call into one weekly to keep each other updated on progress to hold each other accountable. This is a win win situation, you get motivated and so does your friend and it might even make a little friendly competition!

5. Not ever use the excuse “oh, it’s almost New Years, so I will just chill out and get back to fitness at the start of the year”… NO NO and NO! Why force yourself into a diet that probably won’t be successful. Here’s your motivation: the average woman diets over 30 yrs of her lifetime! That’s insane, not to mention the average diet only last 5.5 weeks. So just avoid it all together and keep your healthy lifestyle going strong.

So there you have it… the best tips I’ve got up my sleeves to make sure you’re fitness motivation doesn’t fall with the temperatures. For more information check out my all women’s workout blog, we will also be hosting a webinar on motivation this week 9/24/09 so check out the blog to register!

Taylor Ryan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, She has devoted her fitness career to helping women get the best results the most efficient ways! You can find out more at the blog or her all women’s fitness site

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