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Don't Be That Guy! - Shrugs part 2

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:25pm

If you are a guy you probably have joined
'Shrug Guy'at least one time in your weight lifting career. Heck, I even did these exercises regularly for a number of years.

Now it's time to compare therisk versus benefitof doing the shrug.

Goal of the shrug
  • Increase strength and/or size of thetrapezius 

  • Brings head and neckout of optimal alignmentplacing stress on the other muscular and articular structures in the shoulder and neck
  • Contributes to additionalpre-existing tension and tightnessof the upper shoulders and neck
  • Exacerbatesmuscular imbalancesin the neck and shoulder
  • Muscular imbalances which lead toall of the following: tissue trauma, inflammation, muscle spasms, muscle adhesions, and altered neuromuscular control (nervous system communicating to your muscles) in the upper body. 
  • Poor technique during the shrug (rolling shoulders forward or backward) may lead toeven worse complications and consequencesfor the shoulder complex 

  • Can increase the size of the upper shoulder and neck

  •   Overhead pushing or pressingwill recruit the trapezius to assist in the movement which can also lead to increased strength and size.

Final Word On Shrugs:
  • I am not saying that no one should ever do this exercise, my aim was to present you with the risks. 

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