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Don’t Run, Face Your Fears about Exercise

Posted May 25 2012 9:34am

Don’t Run, Face Your Fears about Exercise One of the biggest reasons that people don’t exercise is fear. Don’t laugh its true. You may think that your reason for not exercising has nothing to do with fear, but you might just have to re-examine that conclusion after reading this article.

What is the Fear?

There are many levels to the possible reason for the fear associated with exercising, but at the most basic level is the fear of failure:

  • Failure to achieve your goals
  • Failure to keep motivated to do it
  • Failure to find the time

The fear of failure is a powerful hindrance to doing anything, especially starting and keeping on an exercise program.

Success Steps

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give in to fear, you can conquer it and proceed happily with your workout plans. Follow these success steps and fear no more!

1. Consult an Expert

Book a session with a personal trainer or fitness coach. Instead of working out the whole time, ask if they can just sit and talk. Seem funny? Not really, during my time as a personal trainer, I’ve had numerous “non-exercise” sessions with my clients. We’ve covered many different topics, including why exercise is so important and how they can stay motivated to keep going. If the trainer or coach isn’t willing to sit down and listen to you and your concerns, move on to one who will.

2. Choose a Goal

Once you’ve met with the expert and have a clearer picture of what you need to do, set your goal . Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or weight, run a race or even compete, you have to put it in writing and start to believe that you will accomplish it.

3. Prep for Success

Conquering your fears is all about…well, conquering them. Your fear is NOT enough to stop you from obtaining the fitness level you want and need. Declare victory right now! Then choose a success party date. Yes, a real success party ! Schedule it, create invitations and mail them out. Invite your friends and family to help you celebrate your success.

4. Get Started

Now that you’ve empowered yourself to actually do what you’ve been afraid to move forward with, it’s time to get going. You must get started or all that you’ve done won’t matter one bit. You have to set the steps in place to move toward your goal and your end game. Figure out what the first step is and then the next step and the next and do it!

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