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Don’t Resist Tubing Exercises

Posted Apr 03 2013 8:00am
A few years ago, we thought nothing could beat machines to strengthen and tone muscles. Then we realized that with a set of dumbbells, barbell, and a few plates—the old school way—we could get ripped, stronger, and improve sports performance. Today, that colorful tubing that hangs on gym walls is the “new” muscle builder. Still, men often think it is best suited for “girls” while women believe they are for stretching and nothing else. Who’s right? None of them. Let’s begin by ditching the idea that exercise equipments are gender specific. Men will not automatically get bigger nor will women prevent the “bulky” belief based solely on their exercise equipment of choice. (Hormones, exercise type of training, diet, among other factors determine how “big or small” you can get.) The tubing, as any other exercise device, provides different resistance. However, they do force the muscle contraction to work differently than free weights. Tubing versus Free Weights When you do a dumbbells bicep curls, or any free weights exercise, you begin with high resistance and end with low resistance. However, when doing the same exercise with the tubing, the effect is the opposite—you begin with low resistance and end with high [...]
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