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Does Strength Training = Weight Loss?

Posted Apr 22 2008 3:48pm
Good Question…one would think that by the title – “Strength Training” would only help with strength….and does lifting weights help you burn fat?

Over at Liz Harper Fitness this exact question was put to their resident personal trainer (Liz Harper) who answered it beautifully.

Below is a quick summary from the post….you’ll need to click through to the site for more of the content.

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It all begins with cardio….need to lose weight? You need to do Cardio.
So why do Personal Trainers add Strength Training or weight sessions to your workout card if all you want to do is lose weight?
I asked my Personal Trainer and wife Liz Harper why…and as usual things got a little technical, but I eventually got the answer I was looking for.
“The More muscle you have the more you become a fat burning machine” she said.
I like the sound of that….but won’t that mean we’ll bulk up if we pump iron?
“No. If you’re doing at least 3-4 cardio sessions per week which could include aerobics, running, cycling, rowing etc, and one strength training or weights training workout per week you won’t bulk up.”
“The muscle you build will help your body to burn fat more efficiently.”
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