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Does everyone need to drink eight glasses of water a day?

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:12pm

Drinking lots of water just means you will spend a lot of time running to the bathroom. All foods contain water, and all food is converted to energy, carbon dioxide and water. You can get most of the fluid the body needs from food, and you only need to drink enough water to prevent constipation.

When you eat, the pyloric valve at the end of your stomach closes to keep food in the stomach. Then the stomach takes fluid that you drink and food that you eat and mixes them into a soup. Then the soup passes to the intestines and remains a soup until it reaches your colon. Only then is the fluid absorbed to turn the soup into solid waste in the colon. If you do not have enough fluid in your body, your body extracts extra fluid from your stool, which makes it hard and can cause constipation.

A reasonable amount for a healthy human is one cup of water or any other fluid with each meal. If you have a problem with constipation you may not be drinking enough water (see my report on constipation ), but if you are not constipated, you are getting plenty. You'll also want to replace fluids whenever you sweat a lot, particularly when you exercise or in hot weather. Drink water whenever you feel thirsty, but there's no benefit from forcing yourself to drink eight glasses of water a day.

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