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Does drinking a couple of glasses of hot water in the morning reduce belly fat?

Posted by baldeepkaur0081

Rose Water For Skin I have heard about it many a times that consuming couple of glasses of hot water in the morning reduces belly fat. Does it really work??
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Hi there! I'm Chrissie :)...I am not a doctor (but I have completed a Personal Training Certificate)...In answer to your question, put simply, is 'no', consuming a couple of glasses of hot water will not reduce belly fat. The only way it may actually seem so, in the short term, is by the reduction of bloating / fluid retention that may come about after having hydrated your body. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to getting rid of belly fat - your body cannot 'spot reduce' (i.e. target a specific area and eliminate or reduce fat from it...) On the other hand, the water will definitely make you feel more satisfied and perhaps stave off hunger for a little while longer than if you hadn't had the water to get you through the morning before going to grab a snack.. so in that sense, then yes, it could have the potential to reduce your overall body fat percentage (this includes belly fat) but unlikely that this alone will have much of a quick-fix effect...
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