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Does anyone know of any exercises that I can do with a pulled tendon in my knee?

Posted by paula n.

I pulled a tendon in my knee about a week ago and it hasn't felt any better. It keeps swelling and hurts when I bend it. I've tried going jogging but thata hurts and I really want to start running again because I have to stay in shape for cross country and I want to be able to workout. So if anyone has any ideas please tell me because its really starting to bother me.
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Leg Raises and Such. Ihave had my knee scoped twice now. Each time, they had my doing leg raises and other exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint. Do the leg raises on your front, back, and both sides to work all of the muscles around your knee. You can also do leg extensions and curls. But, more importantly than that, you may want to have your doc look at since there may be more damage than just a pulled tendon. Good luck with CC.
Let your body heal!. It is so important that you take the time to properly heal when you have an injury. I understand that you want to train, etc. but there are other things you can do to keep your body in shape that do not exert the knee - ie. body resistance exercises that raise your heart rate. If you continue to push yourself when your knee is injured, you risk permanent injury and may eventually have to have surgery to fix the damage. Much better to be patient with yourself and do it right. That way, you can make it to the finish line for years to come!
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