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Do you strength train and do cardio on the same day?

Posted by Kim N.

People always wonder if it's a good idea to strength train on the same day as doing cardio exercise. Whether you want to do both on the same day so that you get a couple of days off, or if you're a fitness nut and want to double up, there's no problem with getting in both types of activity in one day. The question really becomes, which activity should be done first? For beginners who are training at low intensity, it doesn't make much of a difference. But, for those who are exercising with greater intensity, it's important to first decide what the primary goal of training is. First of all, it needs to be understood that whatever activity is done second will most likely be affected by physical and mental fatigue caused by the first activity. So, if building muscle or increasing strength is the top goal, strength training should be done first. Trying to lose weight or improve cardiovascular endurance? Then, it would be better to get the cardio done first.
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I tend to play racquetball on alternate days of strength training. But sometimes I can't always do that and notice the difference in my strength training. Very rarely do I strength train and then play RB. It's the other way around and works better that way. What I prefer on my non-RB days is cardio and then strength training. I like being sweaty and loose when I do weights. But, this is good advise because I never looked at prioritizing what's more important for me.
There are some people at the gym who only focus on lower body one day, then upper the next. Does it matter if you target specific parts of the body or workout the whole body in one day? I rather do a full body workout or just cardio rather than focus on my legs on day.
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Yes, Kim that is a very good outline of how it works.  I've always included cardio on the same day as resistance, no matter how hard my resistance routine was.  I choose to do cardio second for two reasons.  First, because my strength building resistance work is primary to me, as you describe and second, because I feel like a good ellipitical or stairmaster workout after a heavy resistance workout loosens everything up.  The muscles, tendons and ligaments get heated and loosen so then DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is not so bad.


I use to play basketball for a few hours and then work out, I think its fine. However if you are doing cardio to lose weight you might want to have a look at this article:

Resistance Training vs Aerobic Exercise

I am not sure how those letters got so big. I also want to summarize that article. It basically states that resistance trainning will help you burn fat exponentially faster then aerobic exercises because of how it boosts your metabolism.
Resistance or strength training should always be done first, so that you have the endurance to get in a good workout. Intervals should always come second.
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