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Do You Like to Multitask or Focus During Your Workout? [The housework workout]

Posted Nov 11 2011 12:45am

Almost all the pics for this shoot were done in my house! So if you’ve ever wanted to see my bathroom when it’s clean this may be your only chance.

Dusting, laundry, sitting on the toilet – it’s all stuff you have to do anyhow so why not work in a little incidental exercise as you go? That was my thought anyhow when I made the Housework Workout slideshow for Unfortunately that was pretty much my only thought going into it and once it went live lots of women had plenty of other thoughts on this subject and I was surprised by how many people found the premise offensive. In fact, a couple assumed the writer (me) had to be a man because no woman would do this. Well, I can’t say I’ve had my sexuality questioned very often so it was kind of a fun change of pace. (For the record, I totally didn’t mean it to be a woman-get-back-in-the-kitchen statement and I’m sorry if it read that way! I just meant the aprons to be funny…) On a different note, one of the commenters brought up a really interesting point when they said, essentially, “If I’m doing chores, I’m doing chores. If I’m working out, I’m working out. I don’t care to mix the two.”

As a consummate multi-tasker – often to my detriment, I might add – this was an entire paradigm shift for me. I just couldn’t get past the idea that if you could do more than one thing at a time then why on earth wouldn’t you? That some people might enjoy just folding laundry without doing ab work or just running on the treadmill without reading a book and writing their grocery list boggled me. But it makes sense. It’s difficult to put your all into an activity if you’re doing 7 of them at one time.

I’m still not sold though. I can see the benefit to focusing at the gym – I’d be a flesh-colored skidmark on the treadmill if I tried to mulit-task during our Tabata interval runs – but does it hurt to work in a little more activity to your day during less strenuous tasks?

What’s your philosophy: Do you prefer to multi-task or focus during your workout? Is it okay to add in little workout moves to everyday tasks ? What are your thoughts about the Duggars (see below)?

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