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Do you know how the rich get thin?

Posted Jun 20 2008 2:05am

Milliondollars Not only do the rich including the likes of CEOs, socialites and celebrities know how to turn an idea/talent into a successful endeavor leading to a life filled with prosperity, fame and some of the priciest luxuries, they also know how to implement a strategic mindset that helps them stick with a weight-loss plan.

Don’t worry you will not need a financial advisor, private chef, expensive exercise equipment or a high net worth to be eligible to get in on their secrets. You may (or may not) have a million bucks, but you can certainly look and feel as if you just won a million bucks. Jana Klauer, M.D., reveals the exciting secrets in her New York Times Bestseller, How the Rich Get Thin .

Dr. Klauer has made a study of what makes the rich stick with weight loss. She discloses the Park Avenue mindset, which includes secret weapons such as how to order at a business dinner, what food to carry on a flight, and how the rich reward themselves while dieting.

Dr. Klauer's Plan teaches you how to be healthy, vibrant, sexy and slim in an efficient format that is based on science. If you are looking for a quick-fix or magic bullet, you won't find it here. The plan is for life. Follow it and you will achieve the million dollar look and feel of your dreams. Ka-Ching!


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