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Diet to lose weight Exercise to lose weight Set up an exercise Schedule

Posted May 14 2009 4:38pm

These days, people are so crazy about losing weight as quickly as possible that they are looking for the latest and greatest shortcuts. If a program promises to help them lose ten pounds in three days, they would choose that over the one which promises to help them lose ten pounds in ten weeks, even if the former might involve the use of unhealthy weight loss techniques. But does such a choice really help them in the long run?

Keep in mind that when it comes to weight loss, being ’short-sighted’ is not good. When you try to lose weight by using these weight loss ’shortcuts’, more often than not you will gain back the ‘lost’ weight pretty quickly. A simpler way to lose weight is to follow healthy and natural weight loss methods. What is the best and most natural way to lose weight? Obviously following a healthy diet and exercise program is the key to lose weight healthily and permanently.

Here are the two old but simple weight loss methods that you should follow to acquire a slim and fit body easily and naturally.

Diet to lose weight

As far as diet is concerned, you need to control your calorie intake to a manageable level, so that you don’t consume either too little or too much calories. Overeating is one of the main reasons behind weight gain; therefore, in order to get rid of this overeating tendency, you should eat foods that are rich in fiber and protein. Such foods will help you keep full for a long time and the urge for frequent eating would naturally disappear.

It is not good to starve for days or weeks in the hope of weight loss. Starving serves no purpose; if anything, it damages your health even further.

Exercise to lose weight

Regular exercises not only help you with weight loss, but also keep you healthy and strong. If you exercise regularly, you will build strong muscles and bones, thereby reducing chances of bone or muscle injuries. Exercises also help in building up your stamina, thereby ridding you of stress that is usually responsible for obesity.

Exercise also strengthens your immune system and makes it so strong that it can fight any diseases that comes its way, be it joint-aches, headaches, heart related problems, sleeplessness, etc., not to mention obesity.

Set up an exercise Schedule

However, for exercise to be effective, you must do it regularly. One day, you may work out so hard for four hours as if there is no tomorrow, then become so fatigued after this rigorous exercise routine that you stop exercising altogether. Such an approach won’t benefit you at all.

Instead of working out for four hours on one day, why not exercise for an hour for four days? It works out to the same amount, except that you won’t be putting too much strain on your body. Putting excessive strain on your body can cause grievous injuries to your internal body parts as well as affect your health in general.

It is also important that you choose exercises that you would love to do for a long time. If you love to do swimming, dancing, playing cricket, etc., instead of running on the treadmill for hours, then do it. Don’t think that swimming or dancing won’t help you lose weight; as a matter of fact, any activity that moves your body and makes you sweat and fatigued, is ideal for weight loss.

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