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Did you ever try Epsom salt?

Posted Oct 13 2008 2:06pm 3 Comments
I just bought a bottle of REV epsom salt at CVS last week and took a 15 minutes bath after a long run on a exhausting day with my children. And it felt so good! After that I felt totally relaxed and my muscles didn't hurt anymore. I don't wanna be a saleswoman, but I highly recommend this salt from REV. Tell me about your experiences with mineral salt.
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I too, just starting using REV Epsom salt (Athletic Formula) and cannot believe how much it helps after working out.  I use it in my bath EVERY night and am now online trying to find where I can buy it in bulk.
Hi Darlene, I also use the Athletic Formula, and I got my packages from CVS. Do you also have an account at REV. life? So maybe we can meet there? Cheers, Sam.
Thanks for sharing! I just might have to run and pick some up!!
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