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Diabetic Diet For People Who Don’t Cook

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:11pm

Enjoying good food is not just the province of those lucky people who do not have diabetes, today there are plenty of excellent recipes if you suffer with diabetes. A healthy diet is not only a way to lower your chances of getting diabetes; it is also a proven method of reducing the effects if you do have it. If you are living with diabetes, one of the best ways to fight this disease is with a diabetic diet plan.

One of the most obvious goals is to lower your weight and maintain that lower level. Eating food from the four main food groups and sticking to your diabetic diet will help you with your diabetes.

For patients, having a healthy diabetic diet plan means eating in a way that reduces the risk for complications that are commonly associated with their conditions, including heart disease and stroke. By sticking to this type of diabetic diet plane the patient can gain a certain amount of control over certain aspects such as tiredness, blurred vision and gain more energy.

The healthy eating structure of a diabetic diet involves eating foods like, vegetables poultry, lean meat, fish, non-fat dairy products, beans, whole grains and fruit. If you are also subject to a low-carb diet then your diet may consist of certain vegetables like kidney beans, carrots and avocados in addition to meat, fish poultry, eggs and cheese. Saturated fats and cholesterol are a problem if you are a diabetic so you would need to cut down on foods like this and eat skinless poultry as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.

A diabetic diet consists of certain food groups but it also imperative that you weigh the foods so you intake the correct amount of calories. When buying the food that are needed for a diabetic diet, it is important to read the labels, it is especially important since most food labels show daily values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

For example, your breakfast on 2,000 calorie diabetic diet might consist of something like this, a cup of skimmed milk or sugar free yoghurt, a couple of slices of bread, rice cakes or pasta if you prefer, an egg prepared your favorite way and a serving of fruit. For those diabetics on a 1,800 calorie plan your breakfast might contain the following; a couple of slices of bread with a cup of skimmed milk, a tablespoon of cheese and a serving of some fresh fruit like apple, banana orange.

The afternoon snack can consist of a fruit, two to three crackers, and half a cup of tea or coffee made with artificial sweetener. Alternatively you could always have a cup of skimmed milk or yoghurt to replace the tea or coffee. A diabetic diet does not have to be boring.

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