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Develop A Morning Routine

Posted Sep 20 2010 6:13pm
Right now I'm reading a book.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

I, Lance J. Breger, am reading.

And it's not the latest issue of Men's Health or GQ (cause I already finished those).

It's this very cool book called, The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

The subject is about energy management for high performance.

These guys trained superstar athletes for 25 years (Jim Courier, Monica Seles, Eric Lindros, and Grant Hill) for top performance and then switched over to corporate executives.

One thing I found really great that I wanted to share is their suggestion to develop a morning routine or as they call 'ritual' first thing in the morning.

This routine is all about preparing the body physically for the day ahead.

Physical energy helps athletes for their particular competition, but for us, it is one of our biggest sources of energy for just getting through our entire day.

I realized that over the past four months, I have recreated my morning routine and it has been paying off big time.

Lance's Morning Routine/Ritual

6:00 AM - Wake up

6:05 AM -  Brush teeth and use tongue scraper

6:10 AM -  Drink a big glass of water while taking nutritional supplements

6: 15 AM - Eat a big breakfast with as many organic and raw foods as possible

6:45 AM - Workout at the gym

8:00 AM - Shower and eat again or meet my first client of the day

So I've hydrated, fueled up, and exercised all before my real day has even gotten started.

I do want to add a little meditation in there somewhere to help slow down my mind and clear off my mental desk so I can be the most productive.

Can't believe that less than a year ago I was staying up to 11 PM or later, waking up at 7 AM and bolting directly to my first client while choking down an apple or protein bar as I flew out the door.

No water, no workout, no big meal, no relaxation.

Now it's your turn, you might have to wake up a bit earlier, but what are you going to add to your morning routine to help you through your day?
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