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Detecting Cancer Before It Spreads

Posted Sep 08 2012 5:40am

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Breast cancer can affect women and men alike and is the second most common type of cancer worldwide next to lung cancer. It is the fifth most common cause of cancer death worldwide. Among women, it is the most common cancer worldwide. This cancer is more prominent in industrially developed countries than in countries not industrially developed.

This cancer is a women’s number one health worry. Early cancer usually does not cause pain. Other health problems may also cause the symptoms such as breast pain. Still, a woman must seek the advice of the general physician about her breast pain or any other symptom that does not go away, so that problems can be diagnosed and treated as early.

This cancer is the second most common type after lung cancer (10.4% of all cancer incidence, both sexes counted) and the fifth most common cause of cancer death. Worldwide, it is by far the most common cancer amongst women, with an incidence rate more than twice that of colorectal cancer and cervical cancer and about three times that of lung cancer. However tje mortality worldwide is just 25% greater than that of lung cancer in women. In 2005, it caused 502,000 deaths worldwide (7% of cancer deaths; almost 1% of all deaths).The number of cases worldwide has significantly increased since the 1970s, a phenomenon partly blamed on modern lifestyles in the Western world.

When a woman is affected with breast cancer, it affects their physical mental health disproportionately. This can affect a woman’s self-image and self-confidence. When she comes to know that she is a victim she undergoes emotional , besides the physical and mental discomforts. Some women undergoes emotional burden when disclosing their diagnosis to loved ones.

Recovery depends on the type of treatment, emotional status of the patient, and other related factors. The most common way for women to detect this is through screening at a doctor’s office. The screening is known as an X-ray mammography.

Metaplastic carcinoma: Met plastic carcinoma represents less than 1 percent of all newly diagnosed of this disease. This lesion tends to remain localized and contains several different types of cells that are not typically seen in other forms of breast cancer. Prognosis and treatment is the same as for invasive ductal carcinoma.

The incidence is much higher in industrialised Western countries, whether in Europe or North America, than in developing countries. North American women have the highest incidence of breast cancer in the world. Among women in the U.S., it is the most common cancer and the second-most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer). Women in the U.S. have a 1 in 8 (12.5%) lifetime chance of developing invasive breast cancer and a 1 in 35 (3%) chance of the cancer causing their death. In 2007, it was expected to cause 40,910 deaths in the U.S. (7% of cancer deaths; almost 2% of all deaths).

This cancer isn’t located just in the breast. It can spread to other parts of the body, which is known as metastasis. It spreads most commonly to the lymph nodes under the arms and can also spread to other parts of the body via the blood vessels. It can spread to the lungs, brain, the liver and even to the bones. Almost 70 percent of the time that the cancer spreads to bones of the ribs, arms, and the legs. If it is spreads to the bones it is treatable but not curable.

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