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Desk chair or stability ball?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

I just read an article about a lady who traded in her desk chair for a stability ball. is that really feasible?
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Sure... for a little while. We were actually talking about this at a company event. I stated I would trade in my office chair for a stability ball for at least an hour a day. I can't imagine doing it all day because my back would hurt and if you're not careful about your posture, you can actually make it worse. I would stay try it for small increments rather than totally retiring your office chair.
If you work at Willy Wonka. I really can't think of one place that I've ever worked that would say yes to that proposition. I think the only way that you could get away with that would be if you 1. Had your own office 2. Had a note from your doctor 3. Worked for a company that was all about being hip and cool. Other than that, stability balls take up a lot of room and odds are, your co-workers won't appreciate having to step around something that resembles a giant blueberry!
This is a cool idea!. The thought of using a stability ball during the day is interesting. Although I agree with the earlier comment on this-only for an hour or so. Sitting a stability ball in the office, I think, could help improve your posture and strengthen your core muscles, as you are keeping your abs tight to keep the ball in place throughout the work day. Just make sure it's ok with your boss, and that you can find a ball upon which you can sit high enough to reach the desk and work comfortably.
I use one and I love it, a co-worker and I alternate so we are not on it all day. It does not take up very much space really and if you work in an office that there is not much flow in and out then no one should mind. Atleast they dont in my office. It is fun and is great for stretching muscles while sitting all day.
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