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Depression and Weight Loss – How to Eliminate Depression from Your Weight Loss Process

Posted Jan 28 2010 9:51pm
Sadness, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are all associated with depression. Many people who are dieting are prone to feeling depressed. Here are some signs to watch for:

1. Nightmares and disturbed sleep patterns.

2. Loss of appetite.

3. Waking too early and have difficulty getting back to sleep.

4. Can’t concentrate at work.

5. Anxious worrying.

6. Easily to upset or emotional.

7. Short tempered, lose your temper quickly

8. Don’t wake up feeling rested.

9. Insomnia

There are two forms for this problem: the first one is being depressed for other reasons while trying to lose weight, the second is being depressed because the diet doesn’t show any significant result for quite some time.

No matter where your depression is coming from it’s important for you to deal with it as quickly as possible since it will be virtually impossible to lose weight if you’re depressed. Try to trace the source of your depression. It could be someone you spend time with, your job, or many other things. If it’s related to your diet here are some things to look out for:

1. A study show that antioxidant can prevent depression, you should check your current diet and see if it is already contain enough food with antioxidant in it such as red bean, blueberry, blackberry, apple, strawberry, black plum, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and papaya.

2. The chemical Serotonin is the chemical produced in the brain that regulates intestines, appetite and mood. A diet rich in whole grain carbohydrates and low in protein will increase Serotonin levels by secreting more insulin. If your diet is too restrictive on the amount of carbohydrates you get, you might need to up your carbohydrate intake a little. Just be careful to not add too many carbs since this could cause insulin resistance.

3. Another study shown that low selenium levels in the diet can lead to irritability and depression; the government is recommend daily intake of selenium by 75mcg for men and 60mcg for women, so you should include food source of selenium in your daily diet such as cereals (corn, wheat, rice), walnuts, beef, chicken, egg, cheese, and tuna.

4. Take a walk. Regular exercise has been shown to help reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and help with weight loss. Meeting your weight loss goals is an excellent way of improving your self esteem. Just try to do a little exercise on a regular basis.

If after dealing with the points listed above you are still feeling depressed it could be that you aren’t realistic about your dieting goals. Many people will have negative body images when they look in the mirror and will expect overnight results from their diet. Before you let unrealistic expectations sabotage your diet you need to get your head around the whole concept of a diet:

1. Some weight loss program may offer fast result and have tons of testimonials to prove it; but remember that our bodies build different genetically, so what works for them is not guaranteed will works for you too. If you are on a diet and lose significant amount on regular basis, that is enough, no need to aim 10 pounds in 10 days or other spectacular result; the final result is the most important, not your speed in losing weight.

2. No matter what people say, losing weight is a long term endeavor. You may reach a point where your body will ‘plateau’ and you may not lose as much weight for a short while, that is normal. You can’t let that get to you and give up. Stay motivated, work your plan, ask for help and you will get back on track.

3. If you don’t follow your plan for a day because of a party, or you just didn’t feel like it, don’t worry. Eating right is a lifelong commitment and no one is good all the time, you don’t have to be. You can reach your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight even if you overindulge every now and then. The trick is to get right back on track the very next day, and maybe add a little extra to your workout.

Occasionally, feeling depressed and overwhelmed when dieting is completely normal. As long as you are following a well thought out diet plan that includes exercise with proper nutrition you will lose the weight you want to lose. You have to control your negative thoughts or they will make it impossible for you to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Select a diet that contain all food groups from a list of weight loss program by Stefan Vincent to avoid depression while trying to lose weight; check Diets That Work for a guide on how to select a diet wisely and efficiently.

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