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Democrats Not Pushing Children’s Health Insurance

Posted Nov 18 2012 12:36pm

Democrats in the House of Representatives have let down children’s health insurance advocates twice now. But the Congressional Democrats say this will not happen ever again.

Democrats in U.S. House of Representatives won’t try to push legislation to expand the States’ Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) because they know it won’t be passed.”We are not going to change any votes on the children’s health insurance bill. We still don’t have enough to override a veto, ” said U.S. Representative Rahm Emanuel from Illinois.

We’re thinking that the Democrats are banking on Illinois Senator Barack Obama winning the presidential election in November. Senator Obama is a supporter of expanding SCHIP, and he’s even gone as far to say he’ll push for a federal mandate that all children have health insurance.

Republicans contend that expanding SCHIP would be too expensive, and an unwanted step toward “socialized medicine.”Democrats fire back that Republicans don’t want to insure children.”Those who opposed this bill can face the voters and explain why they believe 10 million kids should not get health coverage,” Representative Emanuel also said, reported The New York Times.

The SCHIP debate has been pretty heated and almost fully partisan on Capitol Hill, so it will be interesting to see how voters respond in the Health Care Campaign 2008.

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