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Decluttering tips.

Posted Jun 02 2009 1:03pm

subtitle: please to not fall over in shock that Im actually continuing a theme from one day to the next.

In keeping with my year long theme of personal responsibility I shared with you, yesterday, my Lose 30 things in 30 days challenge.

Yes, it’s day number two and YES it has already been a challenge.

Not so much the selecting what to give away (that’s been the fabulous freeing part) but more the longing to give every.single.thing.away in one fell swoop.

Im resisting.  Im trying to be realistic.  Im trying to embrace the mess which is being three years old while nurturing the need for minimalism which is being sixty days from 40.

My plan (as of this morning but a plan none the less):

I will create one 100% clutter-free zone. Today. For me.

Somewhere I can go to be calm, to meditate, & hide when I need a break from the unrelenting WHAT THIS IS? MAMA I NEED___ which can punctuate my day.

My initial thought is to clean out up & empty a small closet under the stairs.

Will this actually happen?  Stay tuned as I shall be back to update you as my day unravels unfolds.

For the rest of the domicile?

I’m being a little more realistic and a lot less decluttering rigid.

Please to enjoy my MizFit DeClutter Tips & please to chime in below with your own:

Designate a spot for papers. Mail, letters, checks for deposit (Good lord let me get more of these and STAT), grocery lists etc.

Papers are a big source of clutter up in herre mainly because I tend to scatter them throughout the house (not my best trait. I know it & yet Ive not worked to change it until now.).

Ill drop letters/magazines/catalogs on the living room table, bills in my office, grocery lists wherever they may fall, coupons in the kitchen and it all results in a LOT of visual clutter (not to mention my complete inability to ever find anything when I need it. Hello jury duty summons letter!).

SisterFit made herself a really simple organizational tool out of this sort of thing by merely labeling each pocket & shoving the appropriate papers in the slots.

The project is a total no brainer and today is the day I finally follow suit.

Pick a place to start.  It sounds silly yet this is the reason it has taken me so long to join the DECLUTTER REVOLUTION: I was entirely overwhelmed.

Pick a place (for reasons I yammered about yesterday I’d select the kichen) & launch Operation Declutter the Domicile 2009 there. Today.

Im not sure if this is merely a myth Im creating in my head (your cue to CHIME ON IN ) but Im hoping that, as with clutter spreadage, my DECLUTTERED area will spread slowly through out the rest of my home as well.

We picked our place/started this tip yesterday & to my surprise had fun doing it.

Who knew the Toddler Tornado enjoyed shoving crap stuff into trash bags  so much?

EXTRA TIP: Watch tiny hands. The Tornado almost decluttered some of my important & favorite items in her glee.

Pick up 10 things & find them permanent homes. We all have items we use on a daily basis and, because of this regular usage, dont have permanent homes for them.

Pick a spot and always put those things away when you’re finished with them.

It’s amazing how much less cluttered my kitchen seems now that I put away the blender, toaster, egg white separator etc. instead of simply leaving em on the counter since I know I’ll be using them again soon.

Teach the rest of the household where things belong.  I almost said CHILDREN on this tip but thought for a moment and realized the Ren Man will often say: Id put this away but Ive no clue were it goes.

Once partners, spouses, roommates & kids know where things go you are well on your way to a clutter-free home without having to do any of the work yourself.

EXTRA TIP: We’ve started implementing the rule of ‘for every new toy the Tornado gets she must select two to give away.’ The giveaway toys don’t have to be things she’s still playing with, but we do choose toys gently enough used to be able to be donated or passed along to a friend.  This tactic has tremendously helped reduce toy-clutter (& instill gratitude ).

Create an Im not sure yet box. Dont go too crazy all at once & giveaway things you may really wish to hold on to.

Dont listen to the ‘if you havent worn it in a year give it away!” adage if something holds even a vague sentimental value for you OR if you think you may wear it again in the future.  (ooh radical notion– I know)

Dont donate a book if you enjoyed it enough you think you may want to go back and reread again later.

Dont trash some of your children’s drawings/schoolwork/whatevs if youre not 100% sure you no longer wish to keep them.

Do decrease your clutter by creating an Im not sure yet box. Tuck these items away for a month or three and revisit later.

That’s what I got, Oh Bumbling Band.
And you?
Any tips to help us in our Great Decluttering 2009?
Im off to finish my one clear spot and, if all transpires as planned, I shall be tweeting a picture of my PlaceOfZen later.

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