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Dealing with Physical Fitness from an Asthmatics Point of View

Posted Aug 30 2010 10:36pm

People suffering from asthma may definitely have second thoughts about doing workouts. They may think that involving themselves in physically demanding activities such as jogging or lifting weights may compromise their normal breathing and induce asthma attacks. Unfortunately, the dilemma is indeed perplexing, as they have to choose between avoiding an asthma attack and maintaining a fit body through exercise. Ultimately, many of them end up having weight problems while shunning fitness routines . Consequently, also, these have only raised the risks of asthma attacks.

In an asthma attack, the bronchial tubes, the lungs airways, are inflamed making breathing difficult for a person. Usually, before an attack, an asthmatic will experience tightening in his chest, restlessness, and watery eyes. Soon wheezing sounds in his breathing occur complemented with coughing. With such discomfort and pain, it is understandable why he would rather not involve himself in strenuous activities.

Consciously or not, many people have avoided work or leisurely activities that may cause asthma. Doctors, on the other hand, have pointed out that physical exertion is indeed one of the reasons that could trigger an asthma attack along with environmental factors such as air pollution. With less physical activities, many people with asthma have lost control also of their weight. Asthmatic kids spend more time watching TV or playing with computers instead of outdoor games. The net result is that more and more children with asthma are also suffering obesity .

While the above may be true, studies also declare that anyone who is not physically active can also easily suffer an asthma attack. An asthmatic, who never gives himself some amount of exercise, in whatever way, is certain to run out breath with the slightest physical effort. It is also said that lack of exercise can lessen the bodys resistance and makes it vulnerable to filthy air and other asthma triggers. This, therefore, means that even asthmatics should do some workouts. They can overcome asthma by building up their defenses by exercise.

In fact, asthmatics need to exercise in order to manage well under attacks. Since asthma has no known cure yet, the best way to face it is to prevent any instance that may trigger it. That includes having a fit body and a pair of lungs that would be able to withstand slight physical exertion and moderately cold and dry weather. Of course, the exercise routines for an asthmatic should not be as exhaustive as that of a non-asthmatic. The processes may be different and the reps may be less and gentler.

Outdoor fitness activities may not be allowed for the asthmatic, especially under cold weather. While the jogging may be short and easy, the cold weather may just cause an asthma attack. An asthmatic should also maintain a balanced and non-fat diet. With less physical activities afforded to him, he should keep away from food that may only aid increasing his weight to unhealthy proportions.

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