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Days 1 and 2 (New York Port and Day at Sea)

Posted May 24 2011 12:42pm

Joe and I took the bus on Sunday morning from Philadelphia to New York to board our ship, the Carnival Miracle!   The ride on the Bolt Bus wasn’t too long, and when we got to New York, we picked up two bottles of wine to bring on the ship, some sunscreen, and then we headed to the harbor. 

high tech taxis!

The overall process for boarding the ship was pretty quick and efficient.  First was security, then we “checked in” and got our room keys, then we got in a line to get into the ship and right before you went on they took your picture and matched it to the room keys.  About 30-45 minutes total. 

Once we got on the ship, we grabbed our first meal of many at the buffet while waiting to get into our rooms which weren’t available until 1:30.  Lunch was fair.  I was a little concerned…I had a hard time finding the different areas in the buffet that offered different kinds of food, and it was REALLY crowded.  I waited 20 minutes in a short buffet line.  I hoped that it was just that crowded because it was the only place open, and no one was able to go to their rooms yet.
During all this time, I started developing some eye pain.  At first it was just a nagging ache, but then it kept getting worse and worse.  I thought maybe it could be pink eye or something, but my eye wasn’t pink!  We went on the deck to take some pictures with the New York Skyline while waiting for our bags.  I couldn’t wait to change out of my contacts and get into my glasses, and I thought that might help with the pain.    Eye on the left..(my right)...starting to hurt

Every night dinner is in the same place called Bacchus.  It’s a wine themed restaurant that has crazy “grapes” that light up all over it.  When we went to dinner the first night, we were taken to a table for 4.  I asked if other people were scheduled to sit with us, and they said most likely.  This was a little bit of a bummer because Joe and I had requested to sit alone, and these were assigned seats for every night of the cruise.  We talked to the maître D and he gave us a temporary table for two until he could find us a more permanent table for the rest of the night.  That was good enough for me!  

Pointing at my nerd alert glasses, not shooting myself I promise

The restaurant...note all the light up purple grapes
The first night’s dinner was ok.  Not amazing, but certainly not bad.  They had a good amount of options for me (but I imagine that the options would be very limited for a vegetarian – DEFINITELY limited for a vegan).  They offer a “Spa Carnival” section on the menu which tells you which items are lowest in calorie, and it tells you how many calories they are.  Usually there is only one entrée on this menu, and it’s a fish dish of some sort.  I liked that they are trying to offer healthy options, but they could have more dishes on the spa carnival menu.  I’m going to write a full review after the cruise is all over and give everyone the low down on if I think Carnival is the way to go.
Lasagna with meat sauce as an app...the meat wasn't the best

Joe got shrimp cocktail, but the shrimp itself were kind of small

Wine from the wine package that we purchased

Tilapia from the "spa carnival" menu with about 2 tablespoons of a very rich mac and cheese and carrots

Creme Brulee that was kind of runny inside...maybe it was rushed out of the kitchen?
This little guy was waiting for us in our room after dinner

The first night we tried out the piano bar which I was really looking forward enjoying some classics.  Well, the piano player…was for a lack of a better word…annoying.  He didn’t even know the right words to PIANO MAN, which is probably his number one requested song, and he kept inserting “commentary” after every verse.  And he wasn’t very funny.  We didn’t last too many songs before heading out, and I doubt we will be back to that part of the ship again.  

We didn’t stay out too late the first night.  I was getting increasingly concerned about my eye, and I was hoping a good night’s sleep would make the swelling go down.  I woke up early and it was worse...much worse.  I went straight to the doctor on the ship, and lucky for me since I went when it first opened there wasn’t a line.  The doctor told me I had an infected eyelid (that’s why my eyelid hurt, and my eye was perfectly fine and not red at all).  He gave me oral antibiotics since it was a soft tissue infection and I also asked him for antibiotic eye drops too.  I was trying to nip this infection in the bud fast, and since I’m a health care professional in the pharmacy field…sort of…I thought it couldn’t hurt.  I wanted to kill this infection from the inside and the outside.

After antibiotic-ing up I started my day.  I wasn’t about to let my eye ruin our time.  Joe and I hit the gym, where on the first day I had signed up for daily spinning classes.  The spinning classes would have been $12 each or $50 if you bought all 6 classes ahead of time.  I know myself, and getting up early to work out is something that I am much more inclined to do if I know I paid for the class already.  There is no way I’m wasting that money, so I decided I would just spin every day.  The class was pretty good, and I was glad to start my day off with a good sweat.  The other equipment in the gym wasn’t bad, but the treadmills have all been packed every time I’ve been in there.  The equipment isn’t brand new or top of the line, but it’s pretty standard vacation gym stuff…older cardio and weight machines.
Post-gym, we hit the breakfast buffet which was again, fair.  I couldn’t find the omelet station, but I will definitely be on the hunt another day.  We laid out in the sun, and enjoyed the warmth.  We were able to find two chairs on deck 10 which overlooks the pools on deck 9.  You have to be at the pool pretty early to get chairs at the pool, but I didn’t mind being a little away from the action.

  Dinner last night was back at Bacchus again, this time we were given our new personal table which was great.  The wait staff was nice and very friendly and attentive.  I would say that dinner the second night was better than the first. 

Stuffed mushrooms with spinach and cheese

Lobster, jumbo shrimp, mashed yukons, and veggies

Chocolate Lava Cake :-)

Joe and our towel monkey!

Me trying to sit the same way as him...

After our meal, we went and saw a comedy show which was really funny.  It was actually packed to the brim with people, so we were lucky to get seats.  Apparently this comedian is going to be at the roast of Paris Hilton…I was impressed, and we had a great night full of lots of laughs.

This morning I was so thankful that my eye is feeling better.  It isn’t quite 100%, but it’s definitely getting there.  Stay tuned for the next post of cruise recaps!

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