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Day 20: Arm yourself..

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:09pm

Man today has been a killer. I, stupidly, stayed up late watching that show Entourage, which is awesome by the way, but it really impacted me. Loss of sleep and building muscle do not go hand in hand.

The situation was comfounded by a colleague that has supplied our tiny office with a jumbo size box of candy strips loaded with sherbert. I think the box holds about 200 strips. As the day wore on I was constantly reach out for "just one strip, one will be fine" until godamnit!!! I had worked my way through a sh*tload of carbs.

5pm rolled around, the sugar rush was gone, I was coming down fast and it was lights out for the stevemeister. Could barely drag myself to the gym - but drag I did. If only to punish myself. After my weights routine I tagged onto the tail end of a Body Combat class and punched that sherbert crap outta my system. Doing HIIT cardio after weights is not ideal but I had to meet my old friend pain.

The weights went well, really noticing big improvements on bodyweight exercises. I am loving Clap Press Ups. Real men power through! The standard army fitness test of 44 press ups in 2 minutes is toast. Looking to be banging out at least 60-65 in the next one if not more.

Lastly, I swapped the barbell skull crushers for ez bar just to see if it felt / lifted any different and the boat is still out on that one. I think I prefer the barbell.

Saw some lad bench pressing 110KG today..with his legs in the air and crossed at the ankles. Not sure if it is a gimmick or what - maybe it works the corps? This callsign won't be trying it though. Stick with what I know and good form. It is serving me well at the minute.

Dinner tonight was 2 cups of pasta and bratwurst with homemade chili passata. Samantha is a doll!

Workout Summary
  • 6PM Weight lifting [40 mins PE 9]
    • Press Ups [10 Slowly as warm up]
    • Tricep Dips [4 sets 10 reps]
    • Bicep Curls w/ twist [4 sets 8 reps 12KG]
    • Skull Crushers w/ ez barbell [4 sets 8 reps 40KG]
    • Standing Preacher Curl w/ dumbell [4 sets 8 reps 14KG]
    • Polymetric Press Ups (Clap) [4 sets 10 reps]
    • Assisted Chin Ups till failure [4 sets Reps 10/10/10/8 with 30KG assist]
  • 7PM Body Combat [40 mins PE 8]
Measurement Summary - it's that time of the week
  • Weight [96.5KG] -0.5KG
  • Body Fat [26.7] -0.3
  • Water [53.4] +0.6
  • Muscle [39.9] +0.1
    • Centimetres, all muscles flexed
    • Biceps [L39.5, R39.5] No change
    • Chest [107.5] -4 CM??
    • Stomach [96.5] - 1.5 CM
    • Thigh [L66.5 R66.5] - 1 CM
    • Calf [L43 R44] Same but still imbalanced
  • Conclusion - Not much really, I feel much better though and pics showing more of a difference than the tape measure.
About 15 strips of twizzler sherbet candy things. God Damn you Billy Johns!!! Keep the sweets out of the office or it's 2 tickets to the latest gun show, called 'Lights Out!'

Morale is waning slightly...I think I just need sleep
Man, you don't realise how bad you can feel losing only 1 or 2 hours a night
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