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Day 1 photos and Fit Test results!

Posted May 23 2010 9:55pm

So, I bit the bullet and I’m going to post my day 1 photos. Hard choice right there! So here they are, I apologize that they are a little blurry, the cam had a finger print on it and we didn’t notice till after. But the seconds set of pictures we took sans fingerprint ended up not being any I wanted to post.

So here we go, three of em. Of course not ALL the photos I took, but my face looked really stupid in some of them. lol.

I’ve also talked my sister into starting Monday too! We’ll see how she keeps up, she’s a slacker sometimes! If I’m not there to pull her away from facebook, she may not do it! (Yeah, you read that right, kc.) Also, my sister in law is starting Monday with me as well! C’mon lets get some more people on board for May 24th startdate! Which also happens to be Mr. Sushicookie’s birthday.

And my fit test…

I included my fit test from last year to compare my results. I have made a lot of gains. I could barely do a pull-up at first. If I remember correctly, I said I did a pull up when I had only did maybe 1/2 of one. lol.
I still am not great at wide grip pull ups! But I can do a few standard grip! When I’m doing the pull ups with the workout video, I put one foot on a chair so I can get more out for my pull up weak self!
And of course, those are standard on your toes push ups. No on your knees girly stuff for me! But I’ll admit, I started out on my knees.

More Sushicookie...

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