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Cure Athlete's Foot Naturally

Posted by C.L. R.

Alright, anyone who has worked out for any length of time has, at one moment or another, forgotten to exercise proper hygiene and ended up with the foot. The itching is horrible and caused by a fungus - have you ever wondered how to cure it naturally? Here are two common household ingredients to end the party on your foot - yogurt and mustard. Smear yogurt on the fungus and the acidoliphus bacteria will get in there and kill it off. Obviously, you want to use plain yogurt, nothing with flavor. Rinse off the yogurt after application and wait and watch. No mas. If you are soaking your feet, add mustard to the mix. This will help to get of your athlete's foot as well - in my opinion, the yogurt works better but I guess it's all about what you have on hand.
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