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Crossfit Victoria, Kettlebell 3 Minute Workout for Fat Loss and Conditioning

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:00pm
Training with Russian Kettlebells is a great way to burn fat and get into great shape. I love the simplicity of my "home gym in a corner" and the incredible versatility of it. The exercise and workout variations you can do with a kettlebell are truly endless. But sometimes after training with your kettlebell for a while, you end up doing the same old routine, and as a result, stop forcing your body to adapt to change.

One of the best ways to force your body to burn more fat and improve conditioning is to increase the density of your training session, by this I mean increasing the amount of work competed in the amount of time as always. This is not the same as increasing the volume, where the amount of work is increased but the total time increases with it. Here we are doing more work in the same period of time or less.

Increasing your training density is humbling to be sure, but trust me, you will be working like crazy and really force the body to burn off the ugly fat!

So how do you do this with a kettlebell? There are a number of methods such as circuit training or complexes that will increase your workout density. The most thought out version of this method is called the Escalating Density Training protocol, but but the simplest method is to pick two exercises and do them back to back.

  1. Pick two exercises that compliment each other such as swings and chin-ups, clean and rack squat or push-ups and snatches.
  2. Select work and rest periods just like if you were doing interval training.
  3. Select the amount of rounds to do.
  4. Get ready to hurt!

Once you have selected the two exercises, work and rest periods and the rounds do your best on this surprisingly hard training session. Be sure to record the amount of reps and rounds you completed and try to beat it next time. If you are really concerned with conditioning you can make this your weekly or monthly fitness test. Check out the great video below for a perfect demonstration of how to complete this training protocol.

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