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Crazy week: stay focused, challenge yourself, come back strong!

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:45pm

This has been one of those crazy weeks for me. My goal was to post the third week of the Fitness, Nutrition, and Relaxation program, however, that will have to wait another couple of days until I get my bearings.

For the past two weeks I have been diligently working on all three elements as I have suggested in weeks one and two . However, for the past three days I have had to deal with the good old "baby sickness" which means less sleep, diminished mental capacity, plus focus and concentration go out the window, as does the ability to judge good from bad--food choice, that is.

Img_0179 I am the first to admit when my life takes a turn because there is an element of humanity in all of this. Everyone, I think generally moms, have weeks like mine. So on top of the baby puking (on me, the floor, the carpet and a nearby chair), we still have the Conductor who needs clothes brought to the school because he forgot he had to dress up for some major event I did not know about. Evidently, he was inducted into the National Honor Society this year--hooray for him, very proud momma here! The Artist is my teen girl --need I say more. Having a teen girl with raging hormones, like mine, means stress all in its own. She doesn't ever roll her eyes at me, that would be too easy. But she she talks back, gets moody, slams doors and then a few minutes later she's acting like nothing happened, what the heck. Even I stay mad longer than just a few minutes. We had to have the "fix your attitude or you'll be loosing lots of things" talk, to include her bedroom door- that WILL come down next time I hear it slam.

Then there's the soon to be 6 year old little girl who would rather I didn't call her my "baby girl" any more as she is not a baby and I need to "realize that I'm all grown up now mom." OKAY then, forgive my rudeness. Of course, if I play with the baby and say something like "you're such a cute little thing..." she will be the first to say "what about me, I thought I was your cute little baby." Excuse me, but, you are too young to be switching moods already. That's your sister's job, and mine too.

Finally there's Mr. Toolman who has been avoiding everyone for fear of getting one of his infamous "man-colds" or any other illness floating in my house. He already experienced the stomach virus a few weeks ago and even though we were all puking our guts out, his was of course "the worst" of all. No one was as sick--according to him. Please, go sleep it off or start doing laundry but don't whine about being sick OR tired while I'm doing laundry, changing bed sheets, shampooing puked-on rugs, and bathing kids...many, many times, all while feeling queesie myself. UGH! Por favor---no me hagas que te tire a la calle, Dios mio este hombre es demaciado!

This week I have to work on staying focused with the baby being a little sick, a little temperature, nothing else, he's better now. But I haven't slept much, started my summer semester with lots of reading to do, the Conductor has work, rehearsals, auditions; the artist has her 8th grade dance (I'm in charge of the decorations and the food for that too), baby girl or Peanut as she prefers to be called these days has a field day and end of year party at school, OMG when will I fit all this into my own busy schedule.

Needless to say, I need to get over this week and I catch up on some well needed sleep before I can focus on writing anything of value. In the mean time I will be joining my friend Nancy from CR8Health and Fitness on a 30 day challenge which begins Monday, June 9th. Accountability helps so I hope you'll join the challenge!!

The next Fitness, Nutrition, Relaxation report will focus on Core Training, Healthy Snacking and Exercising Your Mind. Stay tuned and spin back soon for more fitness fun.

Stay Well,

Quote: Jacob Bronowski - "The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation."

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