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Cramping My Style

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:27pm
Muscle cramps are involuntary, forcible, and painful muscle contractions (or spams) that do not immediately relax. This certainly is not limited to only humans, but as long I as can remember muscle cramping problems were primarily solved with methods suitable for a monkey....


(Insert joke here)

Everyone was told to eat a banana to prevent cramping, right? Well more recent studies show that having a particular mineral lacking in your diet or depleted in your body may lead to cramping...but its not Potassium. It's sodium! How about that? I find this interesting because there is not a lack of sodium in American diets. Sodium increases the fluid absorption fighting dehydration.

Don't just monkey around, look at the other causes of cramping:
  • Dehydration - Drink before, during, and after your workout

  • Increasing intensity of your workout to quickly

  • Lack of stretching post-workout

  • Lack of proper warm-up

  • Muscle Fatigue

  • Other possible lacking minerals - calcium and magnesium

  • Exercise in hot environments

  • High volume of sweating
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