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Countdown to Your Six Pack Revealed

Posted Aug 19 2011 3:00am

If you pick up any magazine or turn on any fitness show right now, chances are they are telling you how to flatten your belly. This is actually the first question I get from women of all ages, where ever I go, “How do I get rid of this pooch?”

You will be glad to know that you can achieve a flatter tummy by following these three simple steps and by performing this knock-out workout from “Women’s Health Magazine.”

Count Down to Your Six-Pack Revealed Do More Cardio

Cardio (which is short for cardiovascular training) has long been recommended as the preferred means of burning fat. Women really underestimate the powerful fat-burning effects that cardio has on their workouts. Whether you ride a bike, jump rope, glide on the elliptical trainer or shoot some hoops, cardio is essential to allowing your body to burn excess fat.

While you are performing any of the above or similar activities, you are causing your body to work harder to keep blood pumping. All that pumping requires extra energy for your cells, heart, lungs and circulatory system to keep up. So, where does your body get this energy? It comes from stored, excess fat.

Just think of that run or fast walk as a way of trimming your tummy, thighs and tush, bit by bit.

Get to the Core

Your core is comprised of your upper and lower abdominal muscles, obliques; muscles that run vertically on your sides and the muscles of your lower back. Together, these muscles form the girdle that protects your internal organs and gives you the strength and support your body requires. In order to perform everyday tasks such as standing, walking upright, tossing a ball and vacuuming or sweeping, you need a strong core.

If your core isn’t strong, your entire body is weak and won’t perform properly during daily activities.

Core exercises can be as simple as tossing a weighted ball from side to side while standing. Core muscles are also engaged when you perform a plank move, your body is extended and you are resting only on your elbows and tippy toes. A more advanced core move is a full, bent knee sit-up, with no one holding your ankles.

Eat Less Carbs

There’s that word again, carbs! It strikes fear in the hearts of many. There is so much information about carbs or carbohydrates, that when you hear the word, people just cringe.

No need to worry, carbs are good for you, they give you energy and keep you feeling satisfied long after you eat. The bad news is many women eat too much of the wrong type of carbs. I am referring to carbs that are made up of ingredients such as refined sugar, white flour and white rice. These carbs have all been stripped of their nutrients and processed right out of the “health-o-meter.” Your best bet are complex carbs which are made from whole grains and have the hull intact. An example of complex carbs are brown rice, sweet potatoes and whole wheat breads.

Your body needs a certain amount of carbs in your diet to regulate blood sugar, aid in digestion and keep you feeling full and satisfied longer, so those annoying hunger pains don’t come back so quickly. Whole grains also provide much needed fiber and nutrients to your body.

By incorporating these simple tips into your weight management regimen, you can be certain that you will look and feel great and not have to worry about the belly bulge.

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