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Cosmetic Surgery: Easy Beauty?

Posted Sep 09 2010 10:52pm

During the past, cosmetic surgery has been a thing for the people born with a silver spoon in their mouths only. If you are not famous or rich, then cosmetic surgery is not for you. That was how it used to be. Today, however, a lot of things that used to be very expensive are now affordable and even the average individuals who are far from wealthy can access them. Moreover, nobody would look down at you if you admit that you have gone through a cosmetic surgical procedure. As a matter of fact, some of such individuals are even more than willing to tell the world about their cosmetic surgery experience.

In contrast to the common impression, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are two different things. Well, cosmetic surgery is actually a type of plastic surgery. The other type is reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery deals with improvement of physical appearance in response to the aesthetic concerns of the individual. Reconstructive surgery also deals with the improvement of appearance but the reasons for an individual to undergo reconstructive surgery are rather obligatory. Examples include surgeries for serious deformities or severely damaged body features. Cosmetic surgery, unlike reconstructive surgery, is optional. Regardless of this, it is still a sure way of improving the way one looks at himself.

A huge portion of the individuals who have undergone cosmetic surgery had problems with their body image, gone through considerable taunting throughout their lives, or have attempted again and again to improve a part of their body which they find unattractive or embarrassing but to no avail. This is the reason why aside from physical benefits, cosmetic surgery also has psychological benefits on the patients. Those who have experienced their cosmetic surgeries to be successful had major improvements regarding their self-esteem and confidence.

In essence, cosmetic surgery is focused on the person’s face or upper body. For the face, the common procedures are brow lifts, eye lifts, face lifts, and rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is more commonly known as a nose job. During a nose job, the nose may undergo a partial of full re-sculpting, straightening, and shortening, or a hump may be removed.

Among the most common cosmetic procedures for the body include those involving the breasts. Examples are breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast augmentation. Breast lifts are usually done for older women since they are normally the ones with breasts that are starting to sag. Breast reduction is for women gifted with breasts that are too big while breast augmentation is for women who are not so lucky. Breast augmentation is very common among celebrities.

The other procedures involving the body center on removal of fatty deposits. These include liposuction and the tummy tuck. Liposuction is the removal of fat from practically any part of the body while the tummy tuck is the tightening of the unwanted fat and skin in the abdominal area, resulting in a flat belly.

Cosmetic surgery may indeed help a lot in improving a person’s facial appearance and self-confidence but everyone must keep in mind that it is far from perfect. There have been many cases wherein the patient experienced negative side effects after a surgical procedure while some even died from it. If you are considering undergoing a surgical procedure to improve your face or a part of your body, you must spend a lot of time doing research to find out who the most reliable surgeons are. You must also consider the possible side effects and be ready to accept them.

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