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Control Excessive Sweating

Posted Apr 02 2011 1:54am

It's a common assumption that men suffer from excessive sweating more than women, as they are often seen to be sweating profusely. Shocking though it may seem, women actually have more sweat glands, although the glands in men are more virile.

On what occasion do we sweat or sweat more? It's when people are hot or excited, nervous or anxious. While sweating is normal, at times caution is needed. You might need to visit a doctor right away, if you experience excessive sweating along with weight loss, fever, shortness of breath etc.

Medical conditions like hyperthyroidism or menopause could also result in excessive sweating. However, if you are experiencing excessive sweating, consuming liquids frequently is crucial. It's important as you need to replenish the fluids your body loses through your sweat glands.

Other common reasons could be one of the below although, it's not a condition that cannot be improved. There are several steps that could control excessive sweating.

Causes of Sweating:

- caffeine
- alcohol in all forms, including withdrawal from it
- anxiety
- infection, fever
- low blood sugar levels
- overactive thyroids
- menopause

The ones listed above are common reasons for sweating. Hyperhydrosis is a possibility if none of the above reasons fit your situation. Though, this is nothing complicated and just indicates that you may have sweat glands that are working over time. It's important to speak with your doctor to identify the problem.

Sweating is normal and part of everyone's life. It does the important function of controlling our body temperature and prevents us from ending up overheating. However, excessive sweating is a medical condition and is considered abnormal by doctors.

Surprisingly, more than 8 million suffer with excessive sweating in US alone? A lot of people have learned to tackle excessive sweating by using these simple, yet effective tips that can help you prevent excessive sweating.

Avoid Caffeine
Consumption of the stimulant caffeine results in anxiety. Anxious? Then you sweat more. Anxiety is directly proportionate to sweat. You want to prevent excessive sweating? Then caffeine is not something you should consume. Avoid soft drinks and drinks that contain caffeine like coffee too.

Good Antiperspirants
Check on the antiperspirants you use. Few antiperspirants are primarily to block only the odor and not reduce sweat. Purchase antiperspirants that has aluminum chloride as an ingredient because it's an active ingredient that blocks your
sweat pores, resulting in reducing the intensity of sweat. Your antiperspirant does not have? Try "Driclor"." "Driclor" is rich in aluminum chloride and can control sweating effective.

Wear loosely fitting clothes
If you want to prevent sweating, try wearing clothes that are not skin tight. Loose clothes means you get air circulation for your skin which enables your body to breathe. If you wear loose clothes against tight fitting clothes you will notice the sweating declining naturally. Try wearing cotton clothes as they are good for skin and also helps with warm climate.

These tips can effectively help you to control excessive sweating . Nevertheless, to stop sweating 100% this excessive sweating treatment guide can help you through the process of controlling excessive sweating.

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