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Complicated Weight Loss and Fitness? Back To Basics

Posted Feb 18 2009 11:38am

Many enthusiasts are turning weight loss and fitness into a difficult pain in the behind and making what should be a pleasurable and fun experience into a far too complicated drudge.

Complicated weight loss and fitness - please! Back to basics. All these special techniques, and quick tricks, cutting corners and whatever else the ‘new fad’ is, rarely work in the long term. It all really boils down to the basics! If you’re not making your weight loss and fitness plan into a fun experience, chances are you’ll never reach the goal you set or the success you deserve - as you’re making it far too difficult for yourself.

According to a recent survey, more than 75% of those taking part will try to lose weight within the next year but only 31% of these people really understand that calories contribute equally to weight gain? i.e. a calorie in for example bacon is a calorie, just as they are in a vegetable. The big and all important difference is that the bacon has more calories due to it’s fat content.

Another surprising fact is that only 11% of those participants correctly estimated the recommended calorie intake for a person of their age and weight. Small wonder people seem to be getting heavier!

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