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Common Rashes

Posted Jul 26 2010 2:46am

Just thinking of rashes can make you feel itchy all over. The word rash covers a lot of territory. Common rashes alter the feel and look of your skin. Some appear on small areas and others cover the entire body.

There are different causes of skin rashes and many different types of skin rashes. A person could have a bacterial rash, viral rash, sweat rash, stress rash, fungus rash, or a sun poisoning rash.

Seeing pictures of skin rashes might give a basic rash diagnosis, however, it is important to get a medical skin rash diagnosis because many rash types can look similar.

Common Types of Rashes: One of the most common rashes is Atopic dermatitis, which is a kind of eczema. This rash is one tied to genetics and usually manifests in childhood. The general symptoms include patches of dry, scaly skin on the legs, arms, and chest.

A second very common rash is contact dermatitis. Basically your skin comes in contact with something that irritates it or to which you have an allergy. Poison ivy rash is one example.

Two other types of rashes that are scaly in nature are psoriasis and pityriasis rosea. Psoriasis is often times genetically linked and can appear as a leg rash, elbow rash and on the knees.

Internal Rash Aid: If you suffer from common rashes or fungal rash, HIV rash, or prickly heat rash consider trying a natural herbal product taken internally. This homeopathic product purifies and detoxifies the skin from the inside out.

A homeopathic product can help ease rash symptoms by encouraging skin hydration, improve oxygen absorption and boosts the immune system. And, they are less messy than dealing with creams and lotions because theyre taken internally.

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