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Colon Cleanse Recipe – Keeping Your Colon Healthy

Posted May 31 2010 10:57pm
Before you can be considered a person with a healthy body, you should be clean both inside and out. It can be compared to a house that should be kept clean externally and internally. There are millions of “trespassers” that enter a person’s body. These substances are pollutants and other toxins that can be inhaled from the environment. And once they enter the body and stay there, it may result to total destruction of your body. And the bad news is that you will only realize that they have invaded your body once you feel the symptoms.

These symptoms may involve headache, stomachache or any other complications. The presence of the organisms and substances in the body is a determining factor that causes diseases. One great way of ensuring a healthy body, if not the best is through cleansing of the colon. You may opt to use a colon cleanse recipe for cleansing the colon.

There is no doubt about the colon of the body serving as the drainage and blocking it will therefore start major health problems. For those people out there who may want to do this but are wary of the expenses that may be spent to achieve these so-called colon cleansing products, there is no need to worry further. The process is not expensive and in fact can be done at your very home with your own self-made colon cleanse recipe. You should however commit to doing it and make sure that the steps are done correctly.

To make your colon cleanse recipe, and just like any other recipes, ingredients are necessary. These ingredients can be learned online and it is best to choose those that will result into the reduced fats in the body and the retention of a normal bowel movement. Lots of water in the system will be a big help in remaining hydrated as well as making your skin glowing and rejuvenated. As for the ingredients of your colon cleanse recipe, you may choose from these popular herbs such as senna leaf, cayenne pepper, ginger, cascara sagrada and aloe leaf.

Colon cleansing should have some bitter part that will develop proper bile flow coming from the liver. This is a part of detoxification. Garlic and fennel are also contributors that help in the formation of gas. The same plants also help in killing parasites in the colon, therefore improving the functioning of the colon and its muscles.

While you are reading this article about colon cleanse recipe, you should always remember to take fiber, be it oat, cereals, wheat or barley. Any source of fiber can provide a person sufficient amount of energy and improve the system further. Colon cleansing is a great way to retain a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

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