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Cold Sore Treatment Tips – How To Heal Cold Sores With Ease

Posted Jan 01 2010 10:45am
Do you know how to heal cold sores quickly? Read this short article now and you will see how to heal cold sores in less than half the normal time using proven cold sore treatment techniques.

Without any help from you, your immune system knows how to heal cold sores. But, without a good cold sore treatment program, it could take three weeks or longer.

No more do you have to put up with weeks of pain and embarrassment. You can cut the healing time by 50% to 70% or more using the following cold sore treatment suggestions.

The herpes simplex virus is the cause of all cold sores. Once infected, there is no known way of eliminating it from the body.

Wherever this virus first enters your body, it will choose the closest nerve as its permanent residence.

This virus will normally remain dormant in the root cells of its chosen nerve. If it senses the opportunity to replicate, it rushes to the surface and forces the cells there to create new virus.

Then it destroys the cells to release the new virus, causing the gaping and painful wound we call a cold sore.

There are two basic categories of cold sore treatment – internal and external. Both have proven to work very well in healing and preventing cold sores.


Internal treatment of cold sores will reduce the severity and healing time of your outbreaks. It is also the primary way of protecting you from future cold sore events.

Your basic internal treatment is a high quality multi-vitamin and mineral – as good a one as you can afford.

There are many good brands to choose from – ones that provide therapeutic amounts of specific nutrients. Do not waste your money on one or two-per-day vitamins. They do not have enough of anything to be effective.

Any supplement worth its salt will require taking a minimum of three to six capsules or tablets per day. And they won’t look candy-coated.

The most necessary nutrients for cold sore treatment are optimum doses of A, C, D, all the B’s, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

All these nutrients are important, but the most critical one is calcium. This is the key mineral for keeping your body alkaline. As long as you are alkaline, you are very resistant to cold sore attack.

Get some lysine capsules too. Lysine is one of the leading internal cold sore treatment options. It works by stopping the herpes simplex virus replication activity.

It usually comes in 500 milligram capsules. Usually people take three to eight capsules daily while the virus is active, and one per day as a preventative.


Since a cold sore always occurs on the surface, external cold sore treatment is the most common method of healing a cold sore.

Special oils that are excellent for cold sore healing are garlic, oregano, tea tree or mint oils. These all are commonly available and very powerful against cold sore outbreaks.

My first choice would be garlic oil. It will travel right through the skin, so you can use it from the very beginning to the very end. Many folks combine the oils to create their own powerful cold sore treatment.

Once the cold sore has opened up, apply heat using warm tea bags. This rushes healing blood to the scene, plus tea contains strong anti-viral properties. Use on top of the oils or other topical treatments.

Also, try using a salve containing zinc – be sure it contains the sulfate form of zinc. Other forms will not absorb.

Keeping the sore area clean is critical. Use alcohol or peroxide for this. Be cautious to not spread it elsewhere on your face or eyes.

Hopefully the therapies mentioned above will stop your cold sore problem. We are discovering more advanced cold sore treatment techniques every day – but the ones I shared above could be all you need.

And let me share this final cold sore treatment secret to success. Use both the internal and external remedies at the same time for a truly amazing defense against the cold sore virus.

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