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Cold Sore Treatment Options

Posted Oct 11 2012 5:16am

There are a number of different cold sore treatment options, and each and every person may get the most effective relief from different products, home treatments, or medicines. One treatment method choice is ointments which contain numbing agents. These creams numb the cold sore so that there is no ache or discomfort. Lidocaine ointment is a very common OTC ointment that may offer great comfort. Benzocaine may be used in some items but this medicine has more risks than Lidocaine does so it is not as widely used.

Several antiviral medicines may aid to reduce the length of time that an outbreak lasts if these medications are used as soon as the virus gets active in your body again.

After the first level of the outbreak these medicines may not have much of an impact though. Occasionally antiviral drugs will be given to prevent an outbreak if a person has fever blisters frequently.

treatment solutions also include home remedies and herbal solutions. Some herbal treatments may activate the immune system, enhance healing, or have other health properties that can help the entire body fight off the virus more effectively.

 Zinc is usually used to help supercharge immunity, and ice packs may provide some comfort from any burning or tingling in the affected spot while numbing any pain. Another house treatment is a cotton ball that has been soaked in whole milk. A very tiny amount of licorice powder blended with a mild cream may also help if applied to the sores.

Changes in lifestyle can assist to prevent fever blisters or at least to lower the outbreaks that an individual has every year. Be sure that the dietary plan contains plenty of water so the body can flush out the virus and clear up the symptoms. A normal diet that is rich in nutrients will give immune system support, and pressure reduction will also aid minimize any flare ups.

A few cold sore treatment methods are used to prevent the blisters from happening in the first place. Making use of sunscreen on the face and lip area will avoid any skin irritation that could lead to an outbreak. Lots of workout will help get rid of suppressed pressure and strengthen immunity.

There are more methods that may help as well, and each individual may respond differently to any given treatment method. Cool information .

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