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Cold Sore Lysine – How And Why It Works

Posted Apr 15 2010 2:26pm
Cold sore lysine. Is it all what they crack it up to be? In this article, discover for yourself the facts about the why and how of cold sore lysine use for oral herpes.

Cold sore lysine has been much talked about as a treatment for cold sores and other herpes outbreaks. It actually does work extremely well for stopping these troublesome sores – but ONLY if you know how to use it properly.

FACT: Lysine extinguishes cold sores very much the same as water quenches a fire.

Water puts out a fire by starving it of the oxygen it needs to burn. Lysine works in a similar way – it represses cold sores by depriving the herpes virus of what it must have to create the sore.

But, before you use lysine to treat your sores, it will help you greatly to learn about what causes them and how lysine really works to stop them.

Normally the herpes virus is latent. It becomes active only to create new virus. It does this by moving to the surface, infecting the nerve cells there, and forcing them to build copies of the virus. When the cell is full, it is destroyed to release the new virus.

The open wound we see on our face is the visible result of thousands of adjacent cells being destroyed by the cloning process of the herpes virus – either HSV-1 or HSV-2.

FACT: Arginine is the oxygen that makes cold sores burn.

The herpes virus is made of protein. The main protein used by the cells to create this sub-microscopic virus is the amino acid arginine.

Arginine and lysine are considered essential amino acids. Your body cannot create these. They are essential for your health and must come from your diet. Each amino acid has a specific function in the body.

Your cells have special receptors that store arginine for various purposes. A cell that is invaded by herpes and is forced to make clones will use up this arginine in the process. New herpes virus cannot be built without arginine.

FACT: Lysine extinguishes the fire of cold sores by preventing arginine from reaching it.

You see – lysine is also stocked up in the cells, using the same receptors as arginine. Lysine, if consumed in large enough quantities, will actually force some arginine out of the cells by taking its place. Arginine and lysine compete for the same space.

Here is the best news. Lysine cannot be used to create new virus. Like water, it cannot burn. And because lysine forces arginine out of the cells, it removes the main building block for the virus.

FACT: Lysine can only reach the cells for storage through the blood supply.

The best way to flood your cells with cold sore lysine is by eating high lysine foods. Dairy products, meats, and fish are excellent sources of this amino acid.

Taking lysine supplements is much more convenient for most people. The body does not utilize supplemental lysine as well as food sources. For this reason, a combination of food and supplements is the very best treatment of choice.

You may have seen topical remedies that contain lysine. These may be helpful treatments for cold sores – but not because of the lysine.

Lysine is a large molecule and is not able to be absorbed readily through the skin. Putting it on the skin, or on the sore, will be of no help. It cannot get through the skin to prevent the sore and, once it becomes an open ulcer, the damage is done.

NO DOUBT ABOUT IT – lysine is great for extinguishing, and preventing, cold sores. But keep in mind that lysine only works when it gets into the cells. This can only happen when it is taken by mouth and absorbed internally from food and supplements.

For treatment of a currently active sore, a common daily dosage would be about 4000 mg.. Between outbreaks, many people take 500 to 1000 mg. of supplemental lysine as a preventative.

Consuming high lysine foods is the best source of quality lysine. Taking lysine capsules may also be necessary for you to reach the levels you need for effective cold sore lysine treatment.


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